An enemy to himself: how not to hinder his own success

An enemy to himself: how not to hinder his own success

Often our destructive subconscious behavior – self-sabotage – does not allow us to achieve the desired. How to deal with the antics of the subconscious?

There are 5 types of self-sabotage: restrictive beliefs, fear, comparing yourself to others, psychological traps, and scenarios. Of course, each of the types of self-sabotage requires a separate analysis and elaboration. But here is a general algorithm that will help counteract the tricks of the subconscious.

Step 1. Find out how you are sabotaging yourself: Are you affected by restrictive beliefs, fear, or trap? Notice, when it appears, what triggers such behavior? Don’t be angry when you notice that you are behaving destructively – be grateful. If the subconscious mind realizes that you are not avoiding awareness, but seeking it, it will give it more.

Step 2. Study each manifestation in more detail: why did you do exactly what you avoid, was there a similar situation in childhood, who could broadcast such thoughts to you?

Step 3. Rationalize: Assess what your behavior is good for and how destructive it is, how likely the threat you are avoiding is, what can happen if you behave this way, and what you can gain if you act differently? Weigh the pros and cons and allow yourself to look at the situation rationally.

Step 4. Make a detailed plan of action, taking into account what you want to achieve: what steps are needed for this, how can self-sabotage harm, how will you counteract it, what little daily habits can help to achieve goals painlessly?

Step 5. If you feel that you need the help of a specialist or you do not want to be with one-on-one self-sabotage, do not hesitate – contact the coaches or psychologists. This can be the most effective strategy to help you reach the top in the future.

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