And what does the color of the clothes you prefer say?

And what does the color of the clothes you prefer say?

We feel the energy of color on a subconscious level. Therefore, we intuitively reach for color with similar energy. We take strength from him, he gives us confidence.

If a person does not like the color of clothes, he immediately becomes uncomfortable. She feels mental disharmony, loses confidence. And what does the color of the clothes you prefer say? Our test will help to understand this. The psychology of colors in clothing – as evidenced by your favorite shade.


Ambiguous and mysterious color. It is chosen by people who seek to hide their weaknesses, emphasizing their inaccessibility and mystery. Such people often tend to dramatize a situation prone to depression. But if someone manages to awaken their passionate nature, they are ready for such a person for many things.


The color of alienation. Reputation is most important for white lovers, they are terribly afraid to tarnish it. Always trying to look your best. Rarely sympathize with someone else’s grief. People are kept cold and alienated. They are always elegant, strive for independence, and make all important decisions on their own.


Open and kind people. They are able to come to the rescue at the first call. Their gullibility is easy to take advantage of because they tend to idealize people. Until recently, they do not believe in betrayal. In every situation, they try to find positive sides and are rarely in a bad mood.


Calm and balanced people. Do not like fuss, preferring measured actions. Endowed with excellent business qualities, successful in building a career. They always show their best in negotiations. Do not like innovations in everyday life.


What does the color of a person’s clothing say if it is pink? First of all, such people are dreamers and romantics. They often live in their own world, avoiding reality in various ways. They dream of a clean and open relationship, able to give all their tenderness to a loved one.


Passionate and emotional people. They can flare up quickly, even because of small things. Love luxury increased the attention of others. They have great willpower, they are able to go to many things to achieve their dream.


Lovers of yellow want to make the world a better place. It is difficult for them to survive injustice and cruelty. They are overwhelmed with positive energy, which they do not stop sharing with others. They are usually the soul of the company and have almost no enemies.


Creative personalities. They love the freedom of action and do not tolerate it when they are squeezed into a certain framework. Hundreds of ideas run through their minds in a minute. The eternal thirst for adventure does not allow them to sit still.

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