As a homeless man he became a successful man thanks to his voice

An employee of the Columbus Regional Newspaper (Ohio, USA) was on a business trip and saw a homeless man begging at the crossroads.

Bezkhatchenko was holding a cardboard plate with the following:

“I have a gift from God – a wonderful voice. I am a former radio announcer who lost his job in difficult times. Please! I will gratefully accept any help. Thank you! God bless you! Happy Holidays!

The driver gave him money but instead asked him to say something to the camera, as he was genuinely surprised and shocked by the homeless man’s voice, eloquence, and great sense of humor. A man with a voice from God said that he had neither a home nor a job for many years. After his release from the radio, he had alcohol and drugs in his life. But nothing could destroy his wonderful voice, thanks to which he hopes to earn some money.

On January 3, 2011, this video was published on the website of the newspaper On January 4, the video appeared on YouTube and its popularity began to grow at an incredible rate. In just two days, this video received more than 3 million views.

The hero of the video, Ted Williams (that’s the name of the American homeless man), instantly became a world celebrity!

Already on January 5, 2011, yesterday’s homeless man appeared on the news on CBS TV pure, trim, civilian. In just a few days, Ted Williams received many offers from employers (among them the famous Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team, the National Football League, MTV, actor Jack Nicholson, and TV presenter Oprah Winfrey).

Thanks to this coincidence, Ted was finally able to see his ninety-two-year-old mother, whom he had not seen for many years because he simply did not have enough money for a ticket to his hometown at the time. After all, what was served to him on the street was barely enough to live on.


Around 1993, a black stripe appeared in Ted’s life. He divorced his wife, started using drugs and alcohol, and lost his job. Eventually, Ted Williams found himself on the street. It was a difficult period in his life. He lost everything he had except his amazing voice.


Today, Ted Williams is a real celebrity. He is offered at least 10 thousand dollars for one broadcast or soundtrack of movie characters. He has the prestigious job he has always dreamed of, quite decent housing and he no longer has to ask for help on the street from passers-by. Now Ted has a completely different life.

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