At what age do children begin to memorize images

At what age do children begin to memorize images

Absolutely everyone knows that quarrels in the presence of a child always have a negative impact on his future.

However, most parents believe that at an early age children do not remember anything, so feel free to swear at the baby. Whether this is really the case, psychologists will be able to answer.

At what age do children begin to memorize images

It is very difficult to unambiguously indicate the age of the child at which he begins to remember. Psychologists have been arguing about this for a long time. However, in the course of long research, psychologists have concluded that children begin to remember at the age of 3 years. It is at this age that the first memories appear.

Despite all this, psychologists believe that memorization can occur much earlier. After all, if a person is asked about his first childhood memories, he can name what happened much earlier. At the same time, people think that this happened to them at the age of 3, and usually make a mistake for a year or more.

After conducting a huge amount of research, psychologists have come to the conclusion that it really seems to people that the first memories they had at an older age really are. In the scientific world, this is called telescoping. Based on this, children remember quarrels and scandals of children from an early age. But the depth of the problem is not that they simply remember, but that these images remain with them for life, and all the aggression that they show with age is the result of such a child’s trauma.

What can lead to parental quarrels with the child

Conflict situations in the family always have a negative effect on the child, because they cause her fear and anxiety. And because young children are completely unable to cope with these emotions, they begin to scream and fuss. The child will try to draw attention to himself in any way. Since parental quarrels are huge stress for a child, of course, they will affect his health. This primarily applies to immunity. That is why if a child is constantly in a conflict environment, then he develops psychosomatic illnesses.

However, the problems of a child growing up in a family in which the parents are constantly cursing do not end there. Then the child’s psyche begins to suffer. This is manifested in nightmares, stuttering, urinary incontinence, and, worst of all, mental disorders. Given that children always learn by example, they will take this model of behavior for themselves. Therefore, it is not surprising that scandalous and aggressive children grow up in families where parents constantly quarrel. Moreover, such children in the future will experience difficulties in building their own families, as the ideal model for them would be a family with constant scandals.

What to do to parents if the child saw their quarrel

No matter how hard parents try to get along with each other and find a common language in everything, it is impossible to do without quarrels. And even in the most ideal family, there can be quarrels from time to time. But it’s one thing when it happens between parents alone, and another thing when the child sees it.

If the child has witnessed a quarrel between parents, it is very important at this time to behave calmly and not to move to high tones, because it can scare the baby. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that the broken ware or dissolving of hands for the child will appear as an injury for all life. Therefore, you should control yourself in everything.

It is very important during a quarrel not to fall into resentment and humiliation because the child is very sensitive to these emotions and remembers them. But the most important thing to remember – in a quarrel, you can not involve the child in the conflict and ask his opinion. Because mom and dad are equally loved by her, it can lead to serious injury.

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