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At what point you need to salt different dishes

At what point you need to salt different dishes

The taste of each dish depends very much on the amount of salt and on the moment of cooking you salted it. We will tell you how to properly salt different products to make them taste perfect.

Properly salt the meat

Salt the meat with caution, because it itself contains some salt. If the dish will be added to the sauce and various spices, it is possible to do without salt.

When frying, salt is added to the meat only after the crust appears. So the juice is better stored. When baking spices and salt should be covered immediately. Also, salt is immediately added to the water if you want to cook meat broth. But to get delicious boiled meat, add salt at the end of cooking.

Properly salt the fish

Fish, on the other hand, require a lot of salt. To prevent the product from falling apart, you need to salt the fish 15 minutes before frying. It is also recommended to season the fish abundantly before cooking. If you need fish broth, add salt to the boiled broth.

Properly salt vegetable dishes

It all depends on the method of preparation. Potatoes in uniforms are salted either immediately or after cooking. Peeled potatoes are salted after boiling water. And fried potatoes should be salted at the very end of cooking.

Most vegetables need to be salted at the beginning of cooking and very plentiful. But if boiled vegetables are needed for salad, it is better not to salt them at all. Salt is added to the finished salad to taste.
Cabbage soup is better to salt at the very end, otherwise, there is a risk of overdoing it. Also at the end, you need to salt borscht, soups, and other first courses.

It is recommended to season fresh vegetable salads with salt before adding oil.

Properly salt the dough

Dumplings and dumplings should be salted immediately so that they acquire the good taste. Pasta and dumplings are also salted in the water before laying. This will help prevent sticking.

Properly salt the beans

Beans, peas, lentils should be salted 5-10 minutes before cooking. Otherwise, the cooking time will increase.

If you salt the water before laying eggs, it will not leak its contents through small cracks. Mushroom broths are salted at the end so that the mushrooms fully reveal their taste and aroma.

Iodized salt is very afraid of heat treatment. Therefore, it can be added only too ready meals or at the very end of cooking.

Follow all the rules and cook delicious meals!

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