Avocado: Learn about its many benefits

Avocado: Learn about its many benefits

“Avocado” is a very versatile fruit, because it can be used in many things, in addition, it is very tasty and goes well with any dish.

It contains a large number of vegetable fats, which contain unsaturated acids, and have a protective effect against any cardiovascular disease. Not only does the pulp have benefits, but in many cases, when people discover an avocado, the first thing they do is throw away the stone because they don’t know how many vitamins, iron, and folic acid it contains, and it’s also a source of natural energy. due to the high caloric content. Did you know that the avocado stone contains more than 70% of the amino acids that make up the fruit? In addition, it is a source of soluble fiber.

Experts share the main health benefits of avocados:

• Prevents aging.
• Prevents cardiovascular disease.
• Controls the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.
• Increases the protection of our immune system.
• Improves intestinal transit.
• It is an excellent ally in the fight against gastric damage and gastrointestinal inflammation.
•Increases and promotes the formation of collagen in the body.
In the same way, “it is important to know how this product is used because it has a bitter taste, and we need to know how we can use it to our advantage,” experts added.

* First of all you need to remove the brown layer that covers it, you can grate it and fry, so you will achieve the following:

• Prepare the infusion: boil the seeds for 10 minutes and let them stand for 5 minutes. From one seed will be three liters of this infusion.
• The basis for supplementing some dishes: the grated layer can be used for quenching, salads, or any other dish you want to cook.
• It can be used as a natural thickener for some foods.
Another great use of seeds is that they can be used as a sweetener in cooking.

In addition, experts tell us about other uses that can give avocado seeds, while maintaining and using all their benefits:

Cosmetic and pharmacological products: due to the content of lactic acid extracted from the seeds, they can be used in these industries. In addition, due to the high content of antioxidants, it can be used in cosmetics as an essential oil. Vegetable plastic: this is the best option for creating disposable products thanks to the biopolymer component. In addition, during its manufacture, no carbon residues are formed.

It is committed to our body: because it is a material that is biocompatible with living organisms, it is used to produce surgical materials, such as sutures for wounds, as well as to create prostheses or devices that help us in the proper functioning of our internal organs.

Biofuel production. Avocado seeds contain biological materials that are ideal for the production of biofuels, such as bioethanol. For these reasons, it has been confirmed that with the use of avocado seeds, “we are contributing to the protection of the environment, as this is not a direct solution to the current waste problem, but thanks to this initiative can be a great alternative for the world. organic materials, a great option for creating environmentally friendly fuels, “experts added.

And you, now that you know all the benefits of avocado seeds, save them and use them in everyday life! However, keep in mind that all foods should be consumed in moderation. If you experience any side effects while using this product, always consult your family doctor, he can help you in this process. Avocado: Too good not to eat.

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