Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes

For banana pancakes, it is best to use ripe bananas, they are softer and sweeter.

The method of preparation of the dessert is somewhat reminiscent of ordinary pancakes with kefir or even an omelet. Here are some recipes for banana pancakes, and you choose the one that tastes best. Gentle, with a wonderful banana aroma – everyone likes it!

2 bananas
1 egg
50 ml of milk
100 g of flour
100 g of oil for frying
1 Cut banana into slices.

2 Heat the milk to keep it warm or just take it out of the fridge beforehand.

3 Beat chopped bananas with egg and milk in a blender until smooth.

4 Gradually add flour, stirring constantly.

5 Spoon the banana pancakes on a preheated pan and fry on both sides over medium heat.

6 Serve with honey, sour cream, jam, or condensed milk.

Banana pancakes with kefir.

Add bananas to the classic recipe for kefir pancakes and beat all the ingredients. Similarly, instead of bananas use grated apples, apricots, or pears. Proportions: flour 300 g, kefir 250 ml, bananas 2 pcs., Eggs 2 pcs., Sugar 2 tbsp. l., soda 1 tsp., a pinch of salt. First, add soda to kefir, and then gradually beat the other ingredients and beat with a blender or whisk. Instead of kefir for banana pancakes, you can use yogurt, sour milk, or fermented milk.

Banana pancakes and cheesecakes.

If you fry banana pancakes in a pan with a non-stick coating without oil, you get dry pancakes – American pancakes. Try adding bananas to the cheesecake recipe – you will get delicious banana pancakes with homemade cheese.

Banana pancakes
Banana pancakes – without sugar and flour.

Want to make less calorie banana pancakes – then why flour and sugar? Just beat 2 bananas + 2 eggs + juice of half a lemon. Fry on low heat under the lid, and after 2-2.5 minutes, add a thin layer on top of each pancake for another 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dough. This trick gives the pancakes volume.

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