Basic rules for saving the Japanese family budget

Basic rules for saving the Japanese family budget

The Japanese have no equality in terms of financial management.

They know how to live on money, even with the most modest earnings, and even manage to save. How do they do it?

Allocate costs according to the importance

The Japanese are bound to make savings. As soon as they receive a salary, they immediately set aside a certain amount. This money is inviolable. If additional costs are expected in the next month (for example, the child will have to pay for tuition in advance), then the Japanese will reduce some other item of expenditure. For example, they will spend less on entertainment, hobbies, food, etc. In the same way, every month they distribute costs according to the degree of importance, which allows them not to get into debt.

Don’t spend money where you can save

For example, you can buy and drink coffee on the way to work. And you can get up a little earlier, make a fragrant drink at home and thus save money. That’s what the Japanese do. They will not spend money where it is quite possible to save them. The same goes for food. The wife prepares food for each married Japanese man carefully puts it in lunch boxes and gives it to him when he goes to the office. He does not have to dine in a cafe.

Invest money

We used to make savings and save them for a rainy day. That is, finances are available, but they are not in circulation. The Japanese do not allow money to just lie idle. They will definitely try to invest them to get at least a small, but the profit, for example, will put money in the bank at interest.

They spend money wisely on hobbies and entertainment

We often think that you should not spend money on fun or hobbies if you have little money. The Japanese do not accept this approach. They believe that entertainment and hobbies are what give positive emotions and inspiration. Over time, this leads to increased productivity and motivation.

Therefore, residents of the country of the rising sun do not completely exclude this item of expenditure. They are just trying to spend money wisely on entertainment. For example, if a person loves to draw and enjoys it, it is not necessary to spend money on appropriate courses or expensive accessories – easels, paints, brushes. You can buy a budget ready-made kit for painting or coloring – anti-stress.

Provide themselves with work constantly

The Japanese maintain a stable fixed income. They have no idea that there is nothing wrong with not having a job today because it will appear tomorrow. If you live by the principle “there will be a day – there will be food”, it is impossible to plan anything, it is impossible to make a family budget because there is no understanding of what the monthly income will be. The Japanese are ready to do any job, including low-paid, so that it brings a stable income. In doing so, they are looking for additional sources of income.

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