Benefits of quitting smoking

Benefits of quitting smoking

No matter how old you are when you quit smoking, your body will experience immense relief.

• Because you do not inhale cigarette smoke, your body becomes less toxic after 24 hours following the last cigarette. And the risk of heart attack is cut in half, and the risk is even lower after a few months of not smoking.

• The amount of carbon monoxide in the body reduces to that of a non-smoker after 1-3 days of quitting smoking. This means you’ll be able to breathe more easily and your endurance will improve as a result.

• The cardiac function is stabilized, blood pressure is regulated, and blood flow to the extremities is restored.

• After quitting smoking, the amount of oxygen in the blood returns to normal.

• The sense of smell and natural capacity to taste is returned after 48 hours.

• Within a week, the unpleasant odor from the skin, hair, and foul breath has vanished, and a healthy complexion has returned.

• After a month, breathing gets easier, and headaches, tiredness, and a smoker’s cough are no longer present.

• After 6 months, the lungs will be clear, the heart will be healed, and the body will want physical exercise and sports.

• The risk of cardiovascular disease is cut in half after a year.

• The risk of lung cancer declines dramatically after 5 years.

• As a result, when you quit smoking, your health will improve week by week, month by month, and year by year, and you will witness the benefits of quitting smoking for yourself.

• However, it should be remembered that the smoker’s body must be rebuilt in the first few days and weeks. As a result, some (heavy smokers) may have “nicotine breakdown” symptoms such as sadness, stomach cramps, headaches, and irritability. The most essential thing at this point is to not give up and to make a clear commitment not to return to the unhealthy habit.

• This phase generally lasts between one and three weeks. The symptoms of breakage will begin to fade after this time, and you will feel better and better. And, in order to maintain a new bodily condition, you must learn to love new activities such as physical exercise, sports, bathing, hobbies, and so on.

• The advantages of quitting smoking are not just physical. This has a financial advantage as well as boosting the family’s moral environment and earning them even more respect from their children.

Life is a delight! Live a little longer!

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