Biomechanical tattoos – let’s get to know them

Biomechanical tattoos - let's get to know them

What are biomechanical tattoos and why have they become a real must-have in the last period?

We hear about them a lot, a lot among those who love tattoos but not everyone is well aware of what they represent and how they are characterized. Let’s find out together.

Biomechanical tattoos: what are they?

For those who love steampunk, these tattoos are the perfect solution. Have you ever seen them? They look like real works of robotics but are drawn on the skin. The inspiration for this type of tattoos takes with both hands from what the world is related to H.R. Geiger, an illustrator who was the first to invent biomechanical art which is now also taken up by tattoos.

A noble source of inspiration, therefore, which is interpreted in various ways to be able to create real works of art on leather. A biomechanical tattoo has the peculiarity of showing a sort of gears under the skin. Therefore both the latter and the wounds on the skin through which it is possible to see them are shown.

A tattoo that, therefore, requires a lot of expertise. It is not easy to make a biomechanical tattoo worthy of the name, since you have to give everything the right three-dimensionality in order to obtain the desired effect. Choosing the best tattoo artist for biometric tattoos is very important because this will have to play with lights, shading, three-dimensionality and it is not at all simple. In some cases, real injuries are simulated and, therefore, color is also used in addition to gray and black.

What is inside these wounds? It depends on personal taste and on the message you want to send. It usually ranges from mechanical gears to metal levers, from bones, tendons, muscles to metal skeletons. There is no shortage of animals. We speak above all of the fish that sail in the blood, for example, and that emerge from the hand, from the back. A very cool subject if well done.

Other very popular subjects can be microchips and even plastic pipes. This means that these are tattoos that can be customized as you prefer and that, therefore, everyone can decide according to their tastes. Among the best tattoo ideas, there is also this, therefore. What is the preferred area for a biometric tattoo? To tell the truth, there is no specific one. However, the calf, hand, forearm are the best ones, because they are more realistic.

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