Butterfly tattoos – a trend that never fades

Butterfly tattoos - a trend that never fades

If you ask yourself what are the evergreen tattoo gods, for sure the butterfly tattoos are at the top of a hypothetical ranking.

Certainly, it can be said that in recent years they have come back strongly in fashion also thanks to one of the most famous stars in our country, namely the beautiful Belen Rodriguez who showed her tattoo with a butterfly located in the groin area. Among the small tattoos, this is a subject that is sure to like and is very popular. In addition to being a trendy tattoo, however, it must also be emphasized that this has very strong meanings. The butterfly is, in the collective imagination, a symbol that manages to be both powerful and extremely feminine at the same time.

The meaning of butterfly tattoos

What, specifically, are the meanings of butterfly tattoos? This is a question that must always be asked before going to the tattoo artist. After all, these are tattoos loved above all by women, who often decide to create the subject with a more or less stylized shape. Going into the detail of what are the meanings that a tattoo of this type can take, it should be noted that the butterfly has always been considered a symbol of beauty, but not only.

One of the most important meanings that a tattoo of this type can have is to be indicative of a rebirth. After all, the butterfly represents just that: the metamorphosis of the worm, which turns into a beautiful being. Rebirth, therefore, but also change, freedom of spirit, and femininity. These are just some of the many meanings that this tattoo can take on and that make it so important and so popular.

It should also be noted that butterfly tattoos can have the meaning of victory and this is always explained by the fact that it is always a concept linked to the animal that is represented. Since the butterfly is a multipurpose symbol, there are many meanings to be given to this type of tattoo.

Ideas and styles to copy

What are the perfect styles for butterfly tattoos? There are several and they are all to be taken into consideration. In the last period, for example, 3D tattoos are becoming very fashionable and the butterfly is one of the perfect subjects for this kind of tattoo. This is because thanks to a three-dimensional representation it can seem that it takes flight. Even the old school style sees the butterfly as one of the key symbols of tradition, while there are also those who opt for the watercolor, which is the technique that allows you to have a tattoo on the body that seems to be colored with watercolors.

As you can see, there is an embarrassment of choice as regards the styles, since everyone should choose the one they prefer. As regards, instead, the most suitable areas of the body, here too we point out that personal taste must be the master. This means, therefore, that there are those who prefer to make a tattoo of this type on the ankle and those, on the other hand, on the wrist, calf, sternum, fingers, shoulders, and so on. It is a versatile symbol that looks good anywhere. In many cases, the butterfly is combined with other symbols which, therefore, enrich both the design and the meaning of the tattoo. Real scenes are often created, all to be interpreted in the light of the elements that compose them.

As mentioned, however, butterfly tattoos do not go out of style. They are evergreens and have been loved for many generations, old and new. This confirms that it will be like this for a long, long time to come.

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