Can a person’s diet affect the development of diabetes and cancer?

Can a person's diet affect the development of diabetes and cancer?

Chinese scientists from Harbin University said that a person’s health and chances of avoiding cancer and diabetes depend on what foods a person eats and at what time of day.

The materials of the study were shared by the journal of the American Heart Association. According to researchers, the use of certain foods only at certain hours will help avoid the development of not only malignant tumors, but also diabetes, as well as problems with the heart and blood vessels. During a regular study, experts found that eating fruit in the middle of the day helps reduce heart problems. Conversely, if you eat at the same time cereals and starchy foods can provoke an increase in the number of cardiovascular diseases.

In order to avoid the development of all the above health problems, experts recommend that you eat enough vegetables during dinner. As the first snack after breakfast it is better to eat fruit, and as the second (after lunch) – dairy products. It is strictly forbidden to eat potato dishes or starchy foods after main meals. According to scientists, such eating behavior significantly increases the risk of developing serious diseases.

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