Sometimes when we come for an interview, we focus on the name of the company, its reputation, salary, and where this work will take us in a year, two, or five years.

However, in this way, we neglect the factors that are truly important to our happiness. So before you agree to work, pay attention to a few important points.


Evidence shows that when people hate their job, they talk about hatred for the people they work with. But if an employee loves his job, then he loves the people he works with. So the next time you come for an interview, feel connected to your potential boss, have a short lunch interview with your potential colleagues to see if you can work with them.


If you do not have to telecommute, office location is also important. Each of us wants to have a personal space, the opportunity to take a walk in the fresh air or to be alone.


Many companies now use different methods to increase employee motivation. For example, they pay for their meals during the working day, replenish their mobile bills, provide health insurance, and issue bonuses. To find out if doing this is specific to the company where you may be working.

A way of life that you can afford. Before you make a choice, consider today’s realities – what you need to live the life you want. Remember that you have family, friends, and so on. Therefore, work cannot be the only occupation for which you will spend your life.

The essence of the work. Ask yourself if this job suits your interests and abilities and if you will do what you really like.

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