Cyprus is a little slice of heaven on earth

Cyprus is a little slice of heaven on earth

I once read in a magazine that a vacation in Cyprus can be compared to traveling around the world.

Only here you can see the old ruins of the Stone Age, and the majestic Byzantine monasteries, and beautiful Greek temples, and Venetian Gothic cathedrals.

Mysteries of different eras and magical secrets are floating in the air of Cyprus. Therefore, the question: how to spend a vacation this year, we have disappeared by itself. Having ordered a tour at the nearest travel agency, and having collected the necessary documents, in a few hours of summer we were already in this fabulous and wonderful country.

We fell in love with Cyprus literally from the first few minutes. The friendliness and hospitality of Cypriots can be the envy of many countries. The locals are ready to come to your aid in any situation, even when you do not ask them to. So it happened to us. When we asked groups of young people where to find a taxi rank, we didn’t just get a comprehensive answer. Our luggage and two small children were picked up and neatly “placed” in a taxi. I came to my senses in the car when I realized that I did not even have time to thank these young people properly.

Attitude to tips in Cyprus

This type of gratitude, like a tip, is not mandatory in Cyprus. Many hotels and restaurants include them immediately in the bill of 10%. But even where you don’t find them in the bill, no one needs you to pay extra. I liked the service – leave 2-4 euros for tea. But do not be surprised if the waiter even tries to return the delivery from you, considering the amount is undeservedly large.

Maids in hotels also rarely take tips. We left money in the amount of 1-2 euros every day in bed, but after returning to the room, we found them in the same place. It did not affect the quality of the cleaning. The service in hotels here is first class even without a reward. We still managed to thank the maids for a good job only when leaving home. I gave her 15 euros, she accepted them with great gratitude.

We also transferred 20 euros to the receptionist. He constantly ordered a taxi for us (this is the only transport in the city) and booked tables in the restaurant. In general, tips in Cyprus can be left in almost all areas of service, because its quality is always at the highest level.

Gas stations, tour guides, young people who distribute cocktails by the pools, hairdressers in salons – this is not a complete list, where a few euros (from 2 to 20) is always appropriate to leave for good service. In a taxi, if the fare is not stipulated in advance (including tips) it is acceptable to round the bill or just do not take delivery.

During ten days of rest, we managed to get acquainted with many sights of Cyprus, enjoyed the turquoise sea and its magnificent romantic landscapes, and took with us a lot of pleasant impressions about this amazing and unusual place.

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