Decisions that cannot be made for children

Decisions that cannot be made for children

Every child is a person who must grow and develop taking into account their desires and needs.

Often parents, trying to protect their children from possible trouble, begin to make important decisions for the child, cutting off his independence at the root. This leads to a number of problems in adulthood, when people do not know themselves, do not understand their feelings, do not know how to make independent decisions, and always live with regard to parents. “Children in the city” learned what decisions can not be made for their children, and why it is important in these situations to give them space to gain their own experience.

How much to eat

Of course, parents should monitor how the child eats, because the growing body needs to receive building materials. However, children themselves must learn to feel hungry, to understand when they have eaten. If a child overeats from childhood, he ceases to understand when he is full. This approach teaches the brain to ignore the satiety signal. This can lead to weight problems.

Who to hug

All children are different and each child has a different attitude to intimacy. One is not difficult to hug with all relatives and even strangers. Others can afford it only with the immediate environment. You should not force the baby to hug and kiss, because it violates his personal boundaries.

Decisions that cannot be made for children
Choose gifts

Give the child the opportunity to choose gifts and purchases for themselves. This does not mean that the child should be allowed to buy absolutely everything she wants. However, there must be a certain number of purchases, the decision on which will be made independently.

What to play with

What parents like doesn’t necessarily appeal to modern children. In addition, many new gadgets and toys are simply incomprehensible to adults. Give children the freedom to choose games, books, movies, and other activities that shape their personality. The only thing you need to watch is the age of the games and movies.

What to admire and who to become

It is not necessary to impose on children fashionable hobbies or own unrealized ambitions. For a hobby to be useful, the child must choose his own hobby. The same can be said about the choice of profession. It is not necessary to choose the future for the child, give it the chance to find the “place under the sun”.

How to feel

Allow children to express emotions and feelings, including negative ones. Anger, annoyance, resentment are in everyone’s life. It is important to learn to live them calmly, not to suppress them. Teach your child to deal with bad emotions, then he will understand that his feelings are important.

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