Do you know the difference between rich and poor?

Do you know the difference between rich and poor?

What way of thinking can complicate our lives and how to succeed at work.

Do you know the difference between rich and poor? Mainly in their thinking. Do you think that rich people are much smarter and more educated than you? You are wrong: moreover, such thinking often leads people to poverty.

People with the right mindset have every opportunity to succeed in life, while those who have a negative mindset often do not believe in their strengths and abilities, and their financial situation becomes deplorable.

So what way of thinking can complicate our lives? How to succeed at work? Let’s find out.

Fear of possible loss

Inamori Kazuo, a telecommunications specialist and founder of Kyocera, has always followed an “altruistic” business philosophy and thought about the interests of others. You may ask, how can serving others bring me success?

Look at it the other way: you help others solve problems and, as a result, your business develops in a good direction. In fact, this course of action is beneficial to you and others. For example, in the eyes of rich people, money is like seeds: by planting seeds in the spring, they will reap an excellent harvest in the fall. And what about the poor? They do not have foresight: they simply eat what they have now, despite the fact that they will soon be starving.

Inamori succeeded exclusively on his own: despite the problems in the company, he regularly improved and also invested his money in the development and research of various materials. This is what helped him earn an excellent reputation among other competitors.

Hasty decision

Inamori advises not to rush before making a decision: before every important act in his career, he always thought about what could happen if something goes wrong. Thus, the entrepreneur seemed to recognize the dangers that could prevent him from succeeding.

So, in 1984, Inamori decided to move to the telecommunications company DDI. His decision provoked many objections from members of the executive council. But he still followed his dream, as he had long seen the boundless potential of the telephone industry. The entrepreneur even made a plan for its development and the necessary steps to achieve its goals.
So, if you have a great idea before you start acting, ask yourself: will I be able to put it into practice?

Wrong approach

“Success and failure are a kind of difficulty,” Inamori said. Why? He explains: “Failure will remain a failure if you can’t learn from the event. Don’t think that failure doesn’t matter: being willing to make corrections and changes will only make you better.

For decades, I have always changed my approach, keeping things under control. I keep asking myself if I could make a mistake and how else can I optimize my product. The goal I strive for is to make every customer happy with our services. That’s why we continue to improve, creating a better product. ”

So, on the way to your dream, you will definitely face many difficulties and failures. However, it will help you to improve and achieve full success.

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