“I taught them to work and do what they love.”

Elon Musk is known for many things, but the first place in this list rightfully belongs to his obsession with work. He often repeats the words: “No one has yet managed to change the world, working only 40 hours a week.” Of course, the inventor in his interviews also repeatedly emphasizes the price to pay for it.

In an interview with the NGO, Musk said: “No one should force you to work so hard. This is not good. People don’t have to work so hard. It takes my brain and causes heart pain. There were times when I worked 120 hours a week. You will not wish such to the enemy ». Good or bad, but where did Maska get this crazy urge to work? Well, if you ask his mother about it, she probably admits that she played not the last role in it.

Ilona Maska’s mother
Former Canadian model and nutritionist Mae Musk is now 72 years old. She has 2 sons – Elon and Kimbal, as well as a daughter Tosca.

She recently published her new book. Before the publication, Mae wrote an essay about key moments in raising her children. In short, she taught them diligence from childhood and allowed children to do what they liked.

Mask’s childhood was difficult. He was born into the family of May and Erol Musk. When he was 9 years old, his parents divorced and the boy stayed with his father. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the businessman later admitted: “My father was a ‘terrible man.’ After graduating from university, Musk moved from South Africa to Canada, where his brother, sister, and mother soon moved.

“I did not feel guilty”
In the current circumstances, May had to work constantly, but she “did not feel guilty about it, because there was simply no other choice.” There are five key points that helped a woman raise such successful children:

1. I taught them to work since childhood.
Here, May gives some examples, but whether she realized it or not, the benefits of such an approach have long been scientifically proven. Thus, according to the results of one study, children who work from home, in the future become more successful than their peers.

2. Learn to see adults in them.
Looking at how Elon Musk grew up, we can conclude that he had to grow up in a hurry. May calls this a feature of his style of upbringing, not a mistake. Yes, she writes: “My parents treated us like adults we could count on. It is expected that this has left a mark on my method of education. ”

3. Let them do what they like.
May Musk wrote: “I did not force them to study and did not check how they did their homework in advance. It was entirely their responsibility. ” And it worked, given the incredible amount of time Musk now spends at work.

4. Do not get used to luxury.
May opposes parents pampering their children and allowing them to get used to the luxurious life before they can afford it. As long as it does not affect their safety, let them take care of themselves. The inventor’s mother says: “While studying in college, they lived very poor: a mattress on the floor, six roommates or a dilapidated house. But it did not bother them. If your children are not used to a luxurious life, they can handle everything. ”

5. Make children responsible for their future.
Her advice here is limited to the words “do not worry.” May writes: “Many parents worry too much about their children. Want advice? Allow children to be responsible for their future. Teach them good manners, but let them decide for themselves what they want from life.

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