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Dogecoin exceeded $ 80 billion for the first time. “Meena” cryptocurrency is more expensive than HP and many technology companies.

The Dogecoin exchange rate during the trading on May 6 updated the historical maximum – 0.696495 dollars per unit of cryptocurrency. As a result of the jump, the market capitalization of Ilona Mask’s favorite cryptocurrency has reached an impressive $ 80 billion.

In the last week alone, the Dogecoin exchange rate has more than doubled – on April 30 it was $ 0.310, and by the evening of May 6, the cryptocurrency rose to a new high of $ 0.696. Then there was a brief decline, but now the cryptocurrency has returned to growth. at the time of writing the news for one Dogecoin on the exchanges give $ 0.632 and the rate continues to rise.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency based on Litecoin, issued in December 2013. It was named after a popular meme with a dog breed Siba-Inu Doge. The cryptocurrency Dogecoin, created as a joke to ridicule the very idea of ​​cryptocurrency, has eventually become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Today, Dogecoin is more expensive than many well-known IT companies. For example, the market value of the famous American manufacturer of computers and printers HP is 43.6 billion dollars.

In a recent interview with the American tabloid TMZ, Elon Musk said that Dogecoin may well become the future of cryptocurrency.