Eat,drink,rest.How to strengthen immunity during the summer

Eat,drink,rest.How to strengthen immunity during the summer

In summer, your body needs to pay maximum attention to raise your immunity and improve your metabolism.

It is possible to strengthen the immune system during the summer, but for a short period, for example, a few months, not a few years in advance. This period, even when it is not hot, is very favorable for the body and raising immunity. You can spend more time in the fresh air, spend time actively, eat healthy, fortified foods.

What to take care of and what to consume?

To stay healthy and able to work for a long time, you need to take care of the right way of life and give up bad habits. The diet should be balanced and should be dominated by the right fats, ie nuts, seeds, and alkalizing foods.

Eat,drink,rest.How to strengthen immunity during the summer

Foods with a low glycemic index and a high amount of fiber (whole grains, vegetables, and fruits that grow and ripen in our area) raise immunity. Apples, pears, plums, cucumbers, tomatoes, especially lettuce, which are rich in vitamin D, onions, garlic, carrots are useful for macro-, micronutrients, and vitamins. In summer, they should be consumed often and in sufficient quantities. On the other hand, imported vegetables and fruits are of little use, as they are often treated with chemical agents. They should not be used.

You should also consume more seafood that contains Omega-3. They reduce the level of inflammatory processes in the body and expel useless fats that form cholesterol plaques. It is advisable to eat seafood, but try not to freeze it. It should be much more in the diet than meat. It is scientifically proven that the consumption of meat products in the modern diet leads to a decline in immunity and increased inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. And the coronavirus is known to affect the upper respiratory tract. So, if you do not eat fish, but eat a lot of meat, and also eat improperly – the body will not be able to resist the virus, immunity will below.

It is very important to undergo a medical examination at least once a year. If these are people of working age, then at least the minimum screening – a general blood test, biochemical tests of the liver, to pass rheumatic tests. Often people have hidden rheumatic problems. You also need to do an ultrasound of the internal organs. This will allow at an early stage to suspect problems, prevent the development of diseases, take care of immunity. If these are elderly people and have concomitant pathologies, then family doctors have to determine the list of such screening.

Undoubtedly, the body, especially in summer, needs ultraviolet light and exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is synthesized by the body while in the sun and provides resistance to viruses and bacteria. But it should all be in limited quantities. Otherwise – it can hurt. For example, active tanning at an unfavorable time (between 12.00 and 16.00) is not good for the skin, body, or immunity. But the morning or afternoon sun, a walk in a hat, and clothes made of natural fabrics raise immunity.

Eat,drink,rest.How to strengthen immunity during the summer

Sleep is very important. It must last at least 7 hours. And in the fresh air sleep is even more useful and favorable for immunity. If this is not possible, then at least the room in which you sleep should be slightly cooled.

What to buy from the diet?

Ordinary sugar has the most detrimental effect on the immune system among foods. It’s all “something sweet” that we love so much: packaged juice, pastries, desserts. It is foods with a high glycemic index that contribute to rapid blood sugar levels, block the immune system and make us sicker. As a result, it reduces the immune system almost twice for more than 6 hours.

Fast carbohydrates should be removed from the diet, the consumption of unleavened pastries and white bread should be reduced or minimized, and whole-grain products should be preferred. If it is a pastry, then cereals should also dominate. You should stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

Do not forget about the rest.

In general, you need to live actively, move a lot, and dose the stress. That is, try to think and act positively – then positive energy will surround you. Of course, do not forget about the rest. For example, during the holidays you should change the environment. This is the only way to switch, to relax not only physically, but also morally and psychologically.

Eat,drink,rest.How to strengthen immunity during the summer

If you go somewhere or fly, you should not make the climate too hot. Climate changes, especially for a short time – 7 or 10 days have a detrimental effect on the immune system. Sea vacation should last at least 12-14 days. Yes, stress for the body will be less and immunity is higher.

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