Every mother should tell her daughter about these things

Every mother should tell her daughter about these things

When your girl grows up, you want to give her all the best.

Parents want the heiress to grow in abundance, take into account the experience of her mother, and advice that will help her become happy. In our selection, we will tell you why every parent should teach their beautiful daughter.

Learn to love yourself

This is the same advice that parents did not give a decade ago. Now all the most fashionable gurus of psychology talk about self-love. Because modern girls are often very self-critical about their appearance, body, and character, they are willing to tolerate humiliation and do not know how to set personal boundaries. After all, this is one of the factors of how happy a girl can become.

Therefore, from childhood, it is necessary to shower the child with compliments, teach her to accept herself as she is, and love unconditionally. Especially at an early age for a girl is important father’s love. If the father shows it to his daughter, she will understand that this is how the chosen one will have to treat her.

Do not compare yourself with others

This advice follows from the previous one. Now on social networks, it is fashionable to admire the “combed and licked” life of bloggers: their bodies, processed in Photoshop, and beautiful pictures. Many girls, looking at them from the phone screen, begin to feel complex about their own appearance. They turn to plastic surgeons, nutritionists, exhaust themselves with painful training in the pursuit of the ideal.

It is important to explain to the daughter from childhood that she should not look at other people. You need to listen only to yourself and never resort to comparisons.

Learn the word “no”

When a girl exchanges herself for trifles, she may not be in a resourceful state. This upbringing, which allows you to feel ashamed because of the refusal of people, only hinders living. From childhood, the girl must understand that she does not have to please everyone and everyone. The ability to say no will always come in handy in life, especially if you learn it from an early age.

Learn to accept compliments

It is very important for a girl not only to receive praise but also to accept it correctly. You’ve probably heard a conversation between friends many times: “What a beautiful dress you have, it looks gorgeous,” says one. “But she’s been 10 years old, she got it from her grandmother, she completely lost her color,” says another, devaluing her appearance. And if such an answer is given to a male complement, the reaction will be ambiguous. The girl should accept the praise with gratitude. It’s easy enough to say “thank you” and smile broadly.

The nose of the dress

Our grandmothers used to like to put off holiday clothes for later. Sometimes it happened that the most expensive starched suit did not have to wear. It is important to explain to the girl that dresses are a great way to reveal your femininity. If you have amazing clothes hanging in your closet, don’t put them off for a special occasion, feel free to wear them – we live only once.

Cry when you want

It is very important for a girl to be able to express her emotions. If she silences insults, hides anger and other feelings, it can cause serious illness. Therefore, the girl must boldly talk about what she thinks, what she wants, and what she dreams about. Did you know that, according to statistics, men have to say up to 5,000 words a day, and women – up to 15,000?

Live in the moment

You should never regret the past or think too much about the future. Then all life flows through the fingers. And sometimes it is so important to just stop, look around: admire nature, enjoy spending time with a loved one. What matters is not how many inhales and exhales we take in life. It is important how many of them we would like to hold our breath.

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