Exercises for chest muscles. How to tighten the chest

Almost every woman dreams of the muscles of her breasts being tight and elastic. The tone of the pectoral muscles is the key to beautiful breasts, in turn.

Any lingerie looks great on beautiful, tight breasts. However, not everyone knows that there are a number of basic exercises to maintain the condition of the breast, which can be performed at home without any help from others. You need to do these exercises a couple – of to three times a week and after 14 days you can see a noticeable improvement. Believe me, these metamorphoses will surely lift your spirits and self-esteem.

So, let’s start studying these techniques. Pay attention now to the fact that for exercise you need to find two dumbbells that weigh half a kilogram or a kilogram. The weight is limited in such a way that the dumbbells can be lifted and lowered without much effort because each movement must be repeated ten times.

We start our classes with a warm-up. This moment is key in any sport because without proper warm-up muscles will not be heated which significantly increases the likelihood of injury. We will develop the muscles of the chest, so we perform a warm-up just for them. the first is to hug yourself tightly. At this point, you should feel that all your pectoral muscles are tense. Now stand up straight, straighten your back and lower your arms along your torso. This will be our starting position. To begin with, we hug ourselves, arms crossed, and linger for a moment in the same position. These steps need to be repeated ten times, and then move on.

The second warm-up exercise is an action performed from a supine position. You need to put your chin directly on the floor and bend your legs at the knees so that you can reach the ankles with your hands. Now let’s start the exercise. Take a breath and at this point lift your chest from the floor by ten centimeters, while the thighs remain still. Hold in this position for ten seconds and return to starting position. Repeat ten times and proceed to the next warm-up exercise.

Now you need to face the wall but keep a short distance. We lean on the surface of the wall with our hands, at this point the body should lean slightly towards the wall. We perform the bending of the arms in the amount of eight to ten times, then deviating, then approaching the wall. Now the warm-up is over and we are ready to move on to the main part of our lesson. I will remind you once again that we carry out each following exercise ten times, but at irregular employment it is necessary to reduce a dose, having made it possible.

In total, we have to get acquainted with a number of exercises in the amount of six pieces.

1. The first begins with the starting position – lying on your back. I recommend putting an elastic roller under the shoulder blades, which will eliminate pain. Now take the dumbbells in your hands and pull the last up directly above the chest. We need to straighten our arms to the sides, then return to the starting position with outstretched arms in front of the chest. Do the exercise for inhalation – exhalation, respectively.

2. The next exercise is based on a similar starting position, but straight arms with dumbbells are above the thighs. On the inhale, raise your straight arms up and roll your head. On the exhale, return to the starting position, respectively, ie lower your hands to your hips. 3. The third exercise will require us to use such handy items as a pair of chairs. So, get on your knees, and put both chairs in front of you. Now put your hands on the seat and bend your arms while inhaling. At this point, the chest should be lowered as low as possible. On the exhale we return to our starting position.

4. Now get up on both feet and connect your palms to chest level. For five to six seconds, press your palm against the other palm as hard as possible.

5. Now lie down on the floor again, but straighten the right arm with a dumbbell directly in front of the chest, and the left hold on to the support. On the inhale you need to take the right hand in the appropriate direction, and on the exhale return it to its original position. Repeating this exercise ten times, do the same with the left hand.

6. Finally, you need to stay in a supine position, pick up dumbbells and lower your hands behind your head. Next, connect your arms with dumbbells around the waist, gently moving your arms from head to toe. In order to finish the lesson, we need to do some relaxing exercises.

It is also a mandatory element and may consist of several techniques of your choice. So, you can lift the leg bent at the knee and shake it from side to side in the air, and then slowly put your foot back on the floor. Repeat with the other leg. In addition, you can take the other hand for the area of ​​the brush and gently shake it. Finally, the following is not prohibited: starting position – lying on the floor with outstretched legs and arms. Stretching your arms up, you need to stretch your whole body as much as possible. Then you need to relax.

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