Extremely interesting facts about the restaurant business

Extremely interesting facts about the restaurant business

Would you like to know in which country you are fined for a restaurant visitor not feeding their food?

Or about the height at which the tallest restaurant is located? Or about where you can eat a steak weighing 2 kg for free? If you are really interested, then you just need to read this article.

Interesting facts about the restaurant business

1. Who would have thought that the restaurant administration could fine a visitor if he did not finish the ordered dish? However, this is exactly what happens in Brazilian restaurants. I wonder how they would react to the attempt of our tourists to take leftover food with them?

2. Unforgettable impression is made by specific standards of the German restaurant Bollesje. It is located in Rüdesheim, in the building of a former prison. For greater immersion of guests in the atmosphere of places of imprisonment at the entrance they are introduced to the rules of conduct and fingerprints are taken. But that’s not all. Next, visitors must dress in prison robes and drink a glass of the so-called thief’s cocktail.

3. It turns out that the idea that all restaurants must be calculated is outdated. In the Netherlands, there is an amazing restaurant, whose guests do not pay a fixed price for food, but as much as they want after dinner. Surprisingly, everyone leaves a little more money than would be on the account. As a result, the restaurant thrives.

4. Another incredible innovation in the restaurant business is that now the owner of the institution can be anywhere in the world and manage their business via a tablet. Such a program for restaurant automation and cash registers can be purchased online.

5. Broadway restaurant Ellen’s Stardust, like a time machine, takes 50 years into the atmosphere. Its design, furnishings, and range of dishes completely copy the old roadside restaurants. Professional artists work here as staff, who take turns on the stage.

6. Unbelievable, but true: New Hampshire restaurant customers have no right to “play” music by tapping their fingers on the table. They are also forbidden to tap their feet and make rhythmic movements of the head.

7. Want to eat a piece of meat that weighs 2 kg, for free? Then your path lies in the Big Texan Steak Ranch Amarillo. But this American restaurant sets one small condition: if you do not cope with the steak in 1 hour, you will be obliged to pay the bill.

8. English Brighton came up with another know-how: he surprised visitors to nightclubs with a snail of incredible size. He weighed 500 g and, to the surprise of the guests, drank beer.

9. The owner of the Taiwanese restaurant Modern Toilet Taipei came up with another “trick”. He gave the chairs and utensils the shape of a toilet. The menu remained normal. It is said that visitors to the unique establishment are very pleased with such exotics.

10. In the capital of Norway, those named Jonah will be lucky. In the famous fish restaurant called “Cat”, it is enough to show your ID and you will be treated to a whale dish for free. The reason for this generosity is the biblical parable of Jonah and his suffering in the whale’s belly.

11. Extreme fans want to get into Dinner in the Sky. Lunch is held at a height of 50 m. To the table, designed for 22 people, guests are lifted by a crane. Their safety is provided by special belts.

12. Interesting restaurant O’Noir Montreal. Absolute darkness reigns there, and only dark colors are present in the interior. The waiters are equipped with night vision devices to accompany guests. It is forbidden to use any devices devices that can disturb the complete darkness.

13. In Kuwait, oysters are served in open shells. The owners of the establishments are obliged to do so, as they may have pearls. In this case, the supply of closed sinks, according to the authorities, is equated with gambling.

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