Female Wisdom: 7 signs that you miss it

Female Wisdom: 7 signs that you miss it

The lack of female wisdom shows certain signs.

We have collected some true signals that say that true female wisdom is still worth learning. A real woman does not recognize herself in any of these points.

You do not know how to listen to your desires

A wise woman always knows what she wants. Listening to the inner voice and understanding what your heart really is and what your desires are, is not really that easy. You can start by starting from your needs, gradually creating your own system of values, and setting priorities. If you are still blaming others for your failures or waiting for someone to help, and tell you how to live, then you have a lot of work to do.

You can not tolerate the shortcomings of others

Trying to change a loved one is a sure sign that you are not wise enough. Wise women understand that an adult has the right to be who he or she is and respects his or her personal space. A real woman will not impose her opinion, even if she is sure that she knows better. Colleagues, friends, husbands, and even children are individuals whose strengths and weaknesses are worth learning to accept.

You are always at the epicenter of a conflict

You climb on the spit and do not even think that some conflicts can be avoided. You will never be silent, even if the passions during the quarrel have sharpened to the limit, and do not take the time to find the right words. You do not wait for an opportunity to find out about the relationship, and pour out your negative emotions immediately, even if it is witnessed by strangers. A wise woman is not one who conceals insults, nor is she one who avoids conflicts in all possible ways. A real woman knows how to stand up for herself, but does not forget about other people’s feelings. She tries to find a constructive solution to any problem.

You only know how to give

You are always ready to help. You easily agree to work on holidays while everyone is resting. And, without hesitation, lend for an indefinite period. You are one of those who want to please everyone. You try to adapt to the wishes and needs of everyone. It seems that you just do not know that you may also have personal boundaries. It is time to abandon the role of victims and realize their value. Helping, sharing, and being generous is natural for a wise woman, but in no way to her own detriment.

You only know how to receive

You live in a strong sense that everyone around you is to blame. People around you think you think too highly of yourself, but that’s not quite true. In fact, you are looking for confirmation of your own significance from the outside. You doubt yourself, which is why your well-being depends very much on compliments, gifts, and other people’s opinions. A wise woman knows what she is worth, never demands anything, knows how to be grateful, and responds correctly to compliments.

You have made your choice between career and personal life

Once you decided that family life is not for you, and began to actively build a career. You boldly refuse to date and deliberately avoid serious relationships, because all this interferes with work. Or you have been sitting at home for 10 years, devoting yourself to your family and home. You have put an end to self-realization, you have no hobbies, no special skills, and no idea of ​​what you will earn a living if one day your husband leaves the family. A wise woman will not sacrifice either her home or her career. She will be able to find a harmonious balance between the two spheres of life.

You are not watching yourself

You have never considered yourself a beauty, so you have long decided that expensive cosmetics, styling, and women’s clothing are not for you. You always choose the option that is simpler, wear jeans without taking them off, put your hair in a ponytail, and use mascara only on big holidays. You never have time for yourself, so it is impossible to meet you either in a beauty salon or in the gym. A wise woman always looks dignified, appropriate, and well-groomed. She is well aware of its advantages and disadvantages, so she knows how to present herself competently. Don’t worry if you recognize yourself among the items listed above. This does not mean that you are forever deprived of female wisdom, it is just an excuse to start a program of self-improvement. After all, awareness of the problem is the first step to solving it.

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