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The casserole is a great lifesaver when you can’t think of anything to feed your family.

In addition, to make a fish casserole, you will need to spend a minimum of time. Having mastered the technology of cooking this dish, you will be able to please your loved ones with its author’s variations with ingredients that your pets love.

Potatoes are placed raw in this dish. But often this food is made with ready-made puree.

We offer you a recipe for a fish casserole, which involves the use of raw potatoes. If you want to make such a culinary product with ready-made puree, the cooking time of the dish will need to be reduced.

Fish casserole in the oven
Fish casserole with potatoes in the oven is cooked for about 1.5 hours. From the following number of ingredients, you will get 5-6 servings of appetizing food.


fillet of white sea fish (cod, pollock, hake) – 300-400 g;
potatoes – 0.5 kg;
large onions, carrots – 1 pc .;
sour cream / milk – 100 ml;
eggs – 2 pieces;
breadcrumbs – 2 tbsp. l .;
salt, ground pepper, seasoning for fish – to taste.
Step-by-step instructions:

Turn on the oven so that it heats up to 170–180 ° C, and start mincing. We will postpone the preparation of potatoes to the very end as the cleared tubers quickly turn black.
We take fish fillet, cut it into small random pieces, transfer it to a blender. We also send chopped onions and carrots there. We turn products into minced meat.
Remove the ground ingredients from the blender. Add spices and seasonings to the stuffing. Be careful with the latter, because the fish is not compatible with all. The best option is to use ready-made seasoning.
Beat sour cream/milk with eggs (not to foam). The ingredients must be completely mixed. Salt the prepared dressing.
Peel the potatoes cut them into thin slices or rub on a grater. In the second case, the mass will have to be squeezed a little to get rid of excess juice. Add a little salt to the mashed potatoes and mix them.
Grease the form, sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Put half of the potatoes in the prepared container. Distribute all the minced fish on it. Cover the last layer of remaining potatoes. Evenly pour the dish with dressing and send for 1 hour in the oven.
Get the finished fish casserole, let it cool a bit, divide into portions. Sprinkle the dish with onion feathers before serving. The taste of fish casserole can be varied with your favorite sauces.

Bon appetit!