Four books for personal brand development

Four books for personal brand development

A personal brand is an extremely relevant topic. Dozens of training and courses are dedicated to her. How to build a personal brand and does everyone need it?

Today’s selection of books is about this:

“Influencer. Building a personal brand in the age of social media “

This book should be read with a notebook and pen (or open notes on the phone) because it is filled with working tools for building a personal brand on social networks. The book is useful for working with influencers, and for the influencers themselves. It has real-world examples of working with brand clients that you can inspire and use in your practice.

“Breaking everything! How big entrepreneurs have grown their business and influence, and how to achieve the same success “

Gary Weinerchuk is an American businessman who monetized his brand and built an empire. The author shares only practical advice and his example confirm that everything works when you work. Gary Weinerchuk’s YouTube channel now has more than 3 million subscribers and more than 9 million Instagram. I have been following the author’s activities for a long time and I can safely call his book a guide to successful work with social networks and building your personal brand.

«StoryBrand. Tell us about your brand so that you fall in love with it “

In his book, Donald Miller, an American businessman, and CEO of StoryBrand marketing company talks about how to promote a brand through stories. And why the most important thing is not a product or service, but a legend of the brand and its main characters – people.

“Branding Pays a five-step system of creating a personal brand”

A book about how personal branding works and about investing in yourself. BrandingPays founder Karen Kang gives you five steps to building your personal brand to help you climb the career ladder and get the job of your dreams. This method is designed mainly for entrepreneurs and businessmen, but it can be adapted to any of your goals if you are willing to work on it.

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