Today, it is extremely difficult to impress travelers around the world, because travel has long been part of human life in the XXI century.

I want something new, unknown, original … I bring to your attention the top 5 most beautiful and interesting castles of the Loire Valley. By the way, the Loire is the longest river in France, so there is a place to roam!


Travel and learn about the history of the country of mighty kings!

Chateau de Brisac is the tallest castle in France. Here you can enjoy not only the castle, its architecture but also a huge park where you can relax after a wine tasting.

Chateau du Lud. It took almost two centuries to build this castle. Now there lives a high-ranking family. Interestingly, there is even an open kitchen and takes orders from hungry tourists who match the smell of pancakes.

Chateau de Montjofroua. The manor house in Montjofroy was built in the form of a horseshoe at the end of the XVIII century. The owner of the castle was forced to resort to reconstruction, but according to the administration, 80 percent of the items presented have remained since construction.

Chateau de Serran. One of the few castles that were not damaged during the French Revolution. I promise you will be amazed by the library and the luxury of the rooms.
Chateau Angers is located right in the center of the modern city, hence the name. The combination of new and old, modern and medieval creates an incredible atmosphere.

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