Few people notice this, but it seems that the smartest people are also very kind. I know you’ll object to me by saying that smart people can be fantastic jerks, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

Some people may think that something is already, and reason and kindness are completely unrelated things. But no. The fact is that in order to remain good and good in our world, you have to be very smart. So the good people we know are undoubtedly the smartest, whether you notice it right away or not.

Well-known neurobiologist and professor of psychology Richard Davidson writes that “the basis of a healthy brain is good.”
Remember all your very good acquaintances, they are probably smart people. Another thing is that often we do not even notice it.
After all, kindness is not something that shouts and advertises itself. Kindness is quiet and invisible.

But it can be recognized: kindness is giving joy to others and sharing it with others. Kindness is helping and supporting those who need it. Is not it? And all these things are invisible.

By the way, a group of Canadian researchers recently reported the results of their experiment: it was found that more intolerant and prone to racist remarks are often people with relatively low IQ.

The smarter a person is, the more flexible he is in his views and beliefs. He does not condemn, does not deny, but is always open to understanding and compassion. This attitude towards people is nothing but a manifestation of exceptional kindness. After all, we are all different, something in others causes rejection or even irritation, and to remain tolerant and friendly can only be a really smart person.

The ability to adapt to the world around us and accept people as they require more than just the ability to think. The smarter you are, the more able you are to see things from different angles. And just because you don’t think you’re smart doesn’t mean you don’t. Do you know why? Because you are as smart as you are kind. When you help people, support, give joy – it’s not just a manifestation of kindness. It is also evidence that you are a very intelligent person.

So remember: kindness and intelligence go hand in hand.

I’ve met so many rude and evil people in my life, and you know what?

There was not a single clever one among them.

What other evidence do you need?

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