Grades at school are not an indicator of future success


History has repeatedly shown that grades in school are not an indicator of future success. We have prepared an article for you about sophomores who have achieved world fame and become significant for the history of mankind.

Winston Churchill

When Winston Churchill went to high school, he became even more negative about school than before. He believed that school was not for knowledge, school was for control. He was convinced that especially significant knowledge at school was not given and that everything necessary can be learned and without visiting this educational institution. After some time, Churchill received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Sergey Korolev

Few as children could have thought of him that this man would become one of the most famous among the creators of rockets. This man has indeed made a great contribution to the development of space.

Richard Branson

This man created one of the largest financial companies. Prior to the same event, Branson did not speak well, could hardly read or write, and did poorly in school. He also could not speak in public because he was afraid of more people. But despite all this, he was able to achieve great success and manage a huge company.

Isaac Newton

You’ve probably heard of him in school, especially in physics lessons. He also did poorly in school, but after being beaten by a boy at school, he decided to take revenge on him not physically but intellectually. After some time, Newton achieved great success in his studies and in a distant life.


This commander was not a successful student at school. There he was easily given only mathematics. He was not friends with other subjects. But he was able to make many countries recognize his authority.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Like the father of this composer, he absolutely did not understand mathematics and could not read and write competently. But as a composer, he became one of the greatest!

Albert Einstein

This genius of physics has made a significant contribution to this discipline. But before he succeeded, he was considered not entirely intellectually developed. Even his parents thought that he would be a simple worker and would not be able to reach heights.

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