Healthy eating – very tasty dietary dishes

Healthy eating - very tasty dietary dishes

If you associate the term “dietary dishes” with the same annoying porridge, we hasten to please – we have not only good but also incredibly delicious cool recipes.

Proper diet – competently and rationally.

Dietary foods usually include low-calorie meals for those who want to lose weight and medical nutrition with a proper diet. This is often what we call our usual dishes, but prepared without fats and excessive spices, from vegetables, fish, lean meat – stewed, steamed, in the oven or multicooker.

A mild diet is the simplest food.

Puree soup or vegetable soup – quite popular dietary first courses, but you want something more tangible. We offer to cook buckwheat – minced meatballs and buckwheat. This is a 2: 1 option, garnish + meat at once. Try to diversify buckwheat cutlets by adding a stuffing of chopped boiled egg with dill. Prepare stewed vegetables or stews to taste. The diet menu can be well varied with boiled chicken or turkey, fish with garnish. Boiled rice with vegetables tastes good.

Dietary dishes in the oven.

Cooking dietary dishes in the oven is convenient and easy. You can bake lean meat, fish, many vegetables – beets, eggplant, sweet peppers, pumpkin. You don’t have to fry the cabbage in a frying pan, try stewing it in the oven with carrots and onions. Any low-fat cutlets baked in the oven acquire a special taste. Cheese casserole with bran and apples, baked in the oven – a deliciously simple dessert.

Diet in a multicooker.

Cooking diet dishes in a multicooker is a simple matter when there are proven recipes. In 10-15 minutes you can cook a classic French omelet. Pilaf with chicken and vegetables in a multicooker is a simple and tasty dish that does not take much time. Dietary vegetable stew with beets in a multicooker tastes hot and cold. Surprisingly light dish – zucchini with sour cream steamed. Afterward, any of your favorite dishes can be cooked in a multicooker in minutes for health benefits.

Dietary dishes – lose weight together.

A great option – smoothies with bananas, raspberries, yogurt, and oatmeal. The ingredients can be to your liking. We suggest you try the original recipe for a cocktail for weight loss, more precisely to speed up metabolism: add a pinch of cinnamon, ginger, ground red pepper to low-fat yogurt and just mix.

Eat right and delicious – and be healthy and beautiful!

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