Here are 8 simple rules that can help you live to be 100 years old

Here are 8 simple rules that can help you live to be 100 years old

Proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, a favorite pastime, and loved ones around you – this is what can prolong a person’s life. All of the above can charge the human soul and body with the necessary energy, strength, and desire to stay in good health for as long as possible and enjoy the world around us.

Eight simple rules that can help you live to be 100 years old have been published by Zhyvi. They are based on numerous studies and observations of experts.

1. Healthy intestines. Italian scientists have found that people who celebrated the 100th anniversary had healthy intestinal microflora. This organ is so important because it contains a huge number of bacteria that produce vitamins, release the energy needed to fight infections, or, conversely, produce toxins themselves. Its recovery is facilitated by-products with probiotics.

Healthy intestines

2. Mediterranean diet – a great way to improve intestinal microflora. It is followed by Italian long-lived. It involves the use of olive oil, fish and seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens, as they are a real source of youth and vitality.

3. Vegetarianism. Harvard researchers claim that most of the long-lived people in the United States they observed were vegetarians. Experts have repeatedly noted that a large amount of protein that enters the body with food, accelerates aging. If it is reduced, cells will spend fewer resources on growth and focus on protecting the body, resisting stress and infections. As a result, the body’s wilting slows down.

4. Restriction of sweet. Glucose, a breakdown product of sugar, can react with the proteins of our body’s cells, leading to so-called accidental cross-linking of proteins and other dangerous damage. Such disorders accumulate with age and can cause loss of elasticity of the skin, joints, heart, blood vessels, as well as the development of oncology. If we limit the amount of sugar in the diet, the process of formation of such damage in the body will slow down.

Restriction of sweet.

5. Physical activity. Regular exercise trains and strengthens the cells of the body increases their resistance to damage, improves the ability to recover. As a result, the body’s defenses are strengthened, and this helps to delay aging. It is important that sports or walks take at least 40 minutes a day. You should walk at a fast but comfortable pace. However, do not overdo it: heavy loads are already excessive stress, which is harmful to the body.

6. Favorite business. Psychologists say that happy and enthusiastic people are optimistic about the future and want to live as long as possible. Most long-lived people, who were observed by experts, had a favorite pastime. While biologists can not explain this phenomenon, but a lot of examples confirm: people who find joy in everyday life and enjoy their favorite activities, live longer.

7. Learning foreign languages. Finnish scientists believe that this activity increases the chances of living to a hundred years. According to them, learning several languages ​​is excellent training for the brain, as multilingualism slows down the process of age-related changes in it. An alternative may be to solve crossword puzzles or verbal arithmetic.

8. Avoid loneliness. According to British scientists, this is a disease that shortens life. In order not to “get sick”, you need to surround yourself with relatives and friends. The second way to “delay” aging, they called marriage. But men should marry a woman with a high IQ because Swedish scientists have studied 1.5 million married couples and concluded that the more educated and smarter the wife, the longer the husband lives. The mission of a man is to earn money, and women – to maintain a healthy lifestyle of the family, to organize a proper diet, daily routine, and leisure.

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