Here are some secrets to help you save money

Here are some secrets to help you save money

Tips for spending the budget wisely. Recently, the problem of savings has become relevant for many people.

Incomes are declining, and at this time everything is getting more expensive, so some began to count money much more often and try to spend less. Unfortunately, this is not always as effective as one would like. Here are some secrets to help you spend your budget wisely.

Follow the budget plan

You need to write down all the expenses that you have to make in a month, immediately after receiving the salary. Immediately set aside the required amount for utilities, loan repayments, food, travel, and necessary purchases. The point is not to paint everything to the penny, but to stick to planning. At first, it will be difficult to record all your expenses, but gradually you will get used to it and will be able to save a significant amount of money by giving up unnecessary expenses.

Use cash

It is much harder to part with them, so take the amount you need with you and leave the rest on the card. The card will be useful for you to pay for everything you need, without which you can not do. And you can save cash for shopping, recreation, and entertainment. Even if you have fun, you will still see with a sideways glance or a side view how quickly the money leaves your wallet. And next time it will not be so nice to open it.

Keep new bills in your wallet

It is proved that people without pity part with old, rumpled, and dirty banknotes. But they are trying to keep the new ones. Accordingly, they spend less. The same strategy can be applied by taking large bills with you. It is unlikely that you will want to exchange five hundred hryvnias to buy some unnecessary trinkets.

Visit stores with a full stomach

Never go to the grocery store when you are hungry. You will probably try to buy all the goodies that catch your eye. And this will not help your savings, because many of the purchased products will have to either eat (plus extra pounds) or throw away.

Oversleep with the thought of making a big purchase

Never be tempted to buy an expensive thing right now. Go home, check the order of prices for a similar thing in other outlets. At the very least, sleep through the night with this thought, and then return to this question (although it is better if you wait a few days). If you do not like the product so much, you can safely refuse to buy it.

Avoid prolonged contact with staff

Remember that the staff in the store is prepared to approach each customer. Sales consultants are very experienced psychologists who can force anyone to buy a product. Therefore, if you talk to them for a long time, as well as demonstrate your readiness to make a purchase, without it you will definitely not leave the store. Attentive staff will create all the conditions for you not just to buy something, but to buy goods for a large sum of money. In some cases (for example, when it comes to the sale of furniture) even provides for loans. Therefore, talk to sellers concisely and specifically, knowing exactly what you need, and seek only the necessary advice.

Go to the mall with heels

If you feel ready to walk every meter of the mall in search of original goods, and this threatens your wallet, there is a great way to avoid temptation. Wear high-heeled shoes. And it is better that the shoes were new and even a little tight. The point is to make your hike as uncomfortable as possible. When your feet get tired, you will no longer be shopping. The most cherished wish will be to return home sooner.

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