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Here are some tips for gaining stress resistance

Here are some tips for gaining stress resistance

Stressful situations catch up with us suddenly and when we least expect it. In such situations, we need a real “bulletproof”. If you want to stop breaking if you have problems, seek help from the tips below.

Follow the routine of the day

This is the most important piece of advice of all. The fact is that when a person sleeps the required number of hours, lying down and getting up every day at the same time, the body is significantly strengthened. After him, the psyche is strengthened, which gives double protection against sudden problems. People who are constantly in a state of fatigue due to lack of sleep or a beaten routine of the day, from every little thing, get out of control, and their “gas tank” is depleted almost immediately, because there is simply no supply of energy and strength.

Normalize blood magnesium levels

Due to stress, the amount of magnesium in the body decreases sharply, so you should always keep it at an acceptable level. When this substance is enough in the body, passive stress resistance increases. This element acts on both emotional and physical manifestations of stress. If you find it difficult to adapt to new conditions or additional loads, this is not an indicator of low magnesium. It’s bad when you can’t adapt at all.

Get out of your comfort zone

A simple analogy with the psyche can be made by comparing it with human physiology. If you walk and move a little, the body atrophies. Similarly, the body’s ability to fight nerves atrophies. If a person lives in complete peace all his life, and then he suddenly begins a black stripe, he can not cope with it.

There is useful stress for the body, which you can harden: it can be new things, visiting new places, communicating with random people on the street, sports, contrast shower. Constantly test yourself by stepping over fear. This will help you become more flexible and strong emotionally. Only a person who knows how to deal with fears can become truly impenetrable to stress.

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