Heterochromia: different eye color in humans and animals

Heterochromia: different eye color in humans and animals

“I’m drowning in your bottomless blue (brown, gray, green) eyes …” – so many guys say to loved ones. But such a compliment will not be appropriate in all cases. And it’s not a bad character of the girl. There are simply people in the world with eyes of different colors. This phenomenon is called heterochromia.

In some sources, different eye color is defined as a disease. In the medical field, this phenomenon is really considered an anomaly. At the same time, no one is in a hurry to call heterochromia a disease. Heterochromia may be a symptom of some pathologies, but not an independent disease.

Why do pupils acquire a different shade? Abnormal development of the iris of the eye occurs due to a violation of its pigmentation. As a result, the pupils receive different amounts of melanin. Sometimes the iris acquires a spotted color because the pigment is unevenly distributed in it. It is believed that heterochromia is directly related to genetics. It is possible to inherit a unique feature both from parents and from more distant relatives.

Heterochromia occurs infrequently. In a world with abnormal coloration of pupils occurs about 1% of people. They should not be considered unhappy!

Heterochromia is far from a verdict. This is a kind of “highlight” of man. Did you know that some famous and successful people have pupils of different shades? However, the peculiarity of the color of the iris of the eye did not prevent them from building a successful career and earning millions. In today’s world, it is not a sin to try to be different. And suddenly heterochromia will soon become a new trend? Then we will start buying lenses to look like our favorite actors.

Celebrities with heterochromia: David Bowie, Mila Kunis, Alice Yves, Kate Bosworth

It is worth noting that heterochromia is much more common in animals than in humans. Mostly this anomaly is observed in dogs and cats. Representatives of cats significantly win in unusual races. Heterochromia makes pets incredibly cute! Multicolored eyes are not only in pets. Wild animals are also sometimes born with abnormal pupil coloration.

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