How an energy drink works

Mankind has been using natural stimulants for thousands of years. They improve well-being, lift the mood, help to calm down, increase physical or intellectual potential.

Modern European energy drinks are inextricably linked with the name of the Austrian Dietrich Mateschich. According to corporate legend, he tried something invigorating in one of Hong Kong’s establishments and, returning home, created his own recipe. The latter became the basis of the legendary Red Bull. The name of this drink is known all over the world today. Even in the US, Red Bull has pushed local brands: it owns 47% of the energy market.

Among all the variety of energy sources, the following types of products are distinguished: vitaminized, intended for athletes, stimulants with a high percentage of caffeine. This division is quite conditional. There are many intermediate options, including alcohol. Therefore, before buying a product, be sure to study its composition.

Most energy products contain the following active substances:


This acid is present in our body, but its amount must be constantly replenished by eating fish, meat, nuts, beans. Taurine is involved in metabolic processes, thermoregulation, stimulation of the nervous system. Due to this substance, the body’s resistance and pain threshold increase, and hormone production is regulated. If a person receives about 100 mg of taurine daily with food, then with energy – five times more. But do not worry about overdose: you need to drink 15 liters of drink per day.


The main purpose of energy – stimulation of the psyche. The drink relieves fatigue, drowsiness, as a result of which a person can fully work in a busy mode. This tonic effect provides caffeine contained in coffee, tea, cola nuts. In a half-liter jar of energy on average about 150 mg of the above substance, in 200 ml of coffee – 100 mg, but do not abuse the first or second product.


Glucuronolactone, present in plant products, is responsible for the absorption of glucose in the body. With energy, a person receives many times more of this substance than it is contained in a normal diet. However, according to research, you are in trouble if you drink 25 liters of tonic daily.

Guarana, ginseng

Natural stimulants, useful in small doses. In case of overdose can cause sudden pressure surges, anxiety, insomnia. But the percentage of these substances in the energy sector is so small that they cause only a slight stimulating effect.


Be sure to be present in all types of energy drinks. Mostly these are substances of group B, vitamins C, E. Affect metabolic processes, are antioxidants.

In reasonable doses of energy – in fact, the best remedy for fatigue for students, drivers, people who need to concentrate and do urgent work. These drinks have an anti-sedative effect, stimulate performance, tone, release the body’s hidden reserves. This is where the danger lies. After all, after work on the wear you need to rest well. However, consciousness, misled by the energy, ignores fatigue. And a person continues to sleep when his body urgently needs an “intermission”.

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