How long are foods digested in the stomach

Different foods in the stomach are digested for different amounts of time. All his life a person consumes food. This is done to maintain good health and the proper functioning of all organs and systems.

To always be in a good mood and in good physical shape, you need to eat. And it is worth doing it right. Although the stomach itself will not tell you about its problems, only from time to time may hint at this disorder or other problems. But everyone needs to eat properly, efficiently, and in a timely manner. So today we will talk about how long foods are digested in the stomach. This will help you to learn all the features of each group of products to consume them properly and not harm your health. After all, it is better to eat much less and bring enough benefits than to harm your body through overeating. The process of passing food through all the digestive systems involved is quite cumbersome. It requires a lot of time and effort. You can eat only one product, but it will require a lot from you. And you can eat a great variety of foods and it will all easily pass through your body. Just from some products, we get many more necessary elements and particles, and others only clog our stomach, interfering with its normal functioning. You can give a very simple but very illustrative example. In very young children – babies a few months from birth, the urge to go to the toilet can happen all once every few days.

They can do their adult work only once every four or even five days. And this is not a violation, but the norm. The fact is that babies are fed only mother’s milk. And everything useful that the body needs is extracted from it. As a result, there is almost nothing significant left. The milk was completely consumed by the body. This is the primary example of proper nutrition. In this case, the child is full, and no problems arise. As for eating by adults, everyone is on their own. Some throw in everything in a row and more, others can sometimes think about what to eat, and others may be mistaken for proper nutrition. It is worth talking about the different categories of food, and how it is absorbed by the human body.

Conventionally, it can be divided into four groups:

1. Food immediately passes through the body without lingering in any organs and systems. These are mainly carbohydrate foods (juices, kefir, and fruits, except avocados and bananas). They are in the stomach for no more than an hour.

2. The second category includes food with an average time of assimilation into the human body (these are greens, vegetables, dairy products, except cheese and cheese, as well as dried fruits, and seeds). It takes about two hours to digest such food.

3. Fatty and heavy foods are digested for a long time in our bodies. It requires too much to digest (it’s all flour, cereals and cereals, legumes, nuts, cheese and cheese, and other heavy foods). The stomach can digest such food in about 2-3 hours.

4. There is also a category of food that is digested for a very long time or not digested by the human body (meat and fish products, tea and coffee with milk, pasta, canned goods). Such food dissolves in gastric juice very slowly or is not absorbed by the body. In order not to harm your health, it is better to eat fewer products from the fourth group. But the food of the third group is acceptable, but best in the morning so that it can be properly digested.

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