How the wrong breakfast affects the figure

How the wrong breakfast affects the figure

There is so much conflicting information on the Internet about morning meals that you can get confused.

Many people who break the rules of breakfast are harming their health. Nutritionists explain what mistakes contribute to weight gain, badly affect the figure.

Excess simple carbohydrates

Sweets, flour products are high in calories. They give a rapid influx of energy, raise blood sugar. After a short period of time, a person feels hungry. Excess carbohydrates accumulate in the form of fat. It is desirable to start the morning with whole grains, cereals. They give an influx of energy for a long time.

Refusal of breakfast

Although nutritionists differ on this issue, most conclude that the morning meal should not be missed. During eating, the body activates metabolic processes. When you refuse breakfast, a person loses energy, it becomes lethargic, sedentary, which negatively affects the figure.

Breakfast with an excess of sweets

Foods that contain sugar increase the feeling of hunger. As a result, a person eats extra, during the day eats more calories. It promotes weight gain, provokes cardiovascular disease.

Protein deficiency

Science has proven that this substance stabilizes blood glucose levels, provides a feeling of satiety for a long time. Protein raises energy, affects muscle development, gives the figure slimness and mobility. It is useful to add eggs, meat, oatmeal, and cheese to the morning diet.

Fast food

The brain receives a signal of satiety only 15 minutes after eating. If a person is in a hurry, distracted during breakfast to watch the phone, TV, he can eat much more. Overeating leads to a feeling of lethargy, loss of energy, gaining extra pounds.

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