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You can have a dream all your life, set goals, but never dare to take a step towards their realization. To avoid this, we offer a selection of books to help you figure out what you really need and how to achieve it.

Karen Dillon, Clayton Christensen, James Alworth “How will you build your life?”
How to find your destination? How do choose the path that will be truly necessary? Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice, set the right priorities, and go to your goal. That is why this book will come in handy.

Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Reuters “Switch. Be who you want to be ”
In order to succeed and become a different person, first of all, you need to realize what has hindered you until now and “switch” in the right way. This book will help you overcome the obstacles that will come your way to self-improvement.

Ryan Holiday “Breakthrough. The art of turning obstacles into victories ”
Sooner or later, there are certain obstacles in a person’s life that cannot be avoided. But you really need to understand that every obstacle is a new opportunity to try something new and test yourself. After all, with maximum effort, you have a chance to win.

Charles Dating “Smarter, faster, better. Secrets of productivity in life and business ”
Do you want to use your energy, intelligence, and time to the fullest, thus achieving the maximum result? Charles Dahigg’s book will help you with this, in which he managed to form 8 ideas that contribute to the achievement of the desired, while not making much effort.

Stephen Levitt, Stephen Dabner Think Like a Freak
Want to be successful? Then learn not only to be faster and work harder than others but also to think differently. After all, in today’s world, this is not enough, first of all, you need to be able to find extraordinary ways to solve problems.