How to choose a car seat for a child

How to choose a car seat for a child

Very often young parents spend a lot of money to buy a stroller for their baby, forgetting about the car seat.

When choosing a car seat, pay attention not to its beauty or comfort, but to safety. In the event of an accident when using a car seat, mortality is reduced by 70%, writes doctor Marina Osipenko.

Before choosing a car seat, you need to decide on its group. Be sure to determine the height, weight, and build of the baby.

1. Determine the type of fastening iron fasteners Isofix (unfortunately, not all cars) or regular seat belts.

After deciding on the fasteners, choose a model.

2. Note that the chair must be made of quality plastic. Styrofoam inserts should be provided in the head restraint and sides of the seat (they break when struck, absorbing impact force).

3. For comfort under a seat cover there should be a soft surface, safety belts with soft overlays. But the headrest should be firm and well fixed. Covers should be removed for washing.

4. All quality models in groups 0 to 3 should not have a horizontal position to move, it is not effective and dangerous. The optimal angle of inclination is 45 degrees.

5. The car seat must have the European quality standard R44 / 04, 44/03, and a certificate from ADAC.

6. Do not use used car seats or after an accident. You cannot be sure of its further serviceability. The shelf life of a car seat averages up to 6 years.

7. The safest place to mount is in the center of the rear seat, if not possible, on the right or left, where the mount is more secure.

8. Children under 2 years of age are recommended to be transported in car seats fixed against the direction of traffic (so there is less risk of injuring the cervical spine when braking). After 2 years in the direction of movement.

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