How to choose a really stable perfume

How to choose a really stable perfume

Expensive – does not always mean good, and a well-known brand does not guarantee the stability of the smell on your skin.

If you want to be sure that your favorite fragrance does not evaporate in half an hour after application, choose a perfume according to our scheme.

Decide on the type of fragrance

One of the main factors that affect the stability of the aroma is what kind it belongs to. We mistakenly call all fragrances perfumes, although in reality this name can only be applied to perfumes in which the concentration of oils and active ingredients is 20-30%, and the rest is water and alcohol.

Usually, the higher the concentration, the more persistent the odor. There is a classification of types of fragrances (on the boxes the names are often written in French), we have arranged them in descending order – from the most persistent to those that quickly evaporate:

Perfume – 20-30% of perfume oils

Recently, perfumes with such a concentration are found in the range of popular brands less and less: they are rich aromas, which require only a few drops. And yes, they are the most stable! This odor can last even more than a day.

Eau de perfume – 15-20%

Another common type of fragrance is eau de toilette. It is usually lighter and less saturated than perfumed. Ideal for summer, hot weather. Holds on the skin for 3-4 hours.

Refreshing water (Eau Fraiche) – 1-3%

The lightest, “diluted” aroma. Most often, Eau Fraiche is available as a body sprays with a faint odor. Such scents are felt on the skin for only 1-2 hours, but they are not intrusive – they just “refresh”.

Choose stable ingredients

Before you buy a particular perfume, decide on the ingredients that make up the composition. Some notes feel longer, others fade very quickly. We have divided the most popular components of fragrances into two categories:


Musk, chypre, and woody notes. Widow tree, moss, sandalwood, amber, juniper, cedar, patchouli, vetiver. Of the citrus notes, bergamot is quite stable. Of the flowers – rose and lavender.


Floral and fruity aromas. Jasmine, iris, violet, peony, fleur-de-lis, peach, strawberry, grapefruit – unfortunately, but these beautiful notes are not considered stable.

Find out individual features

Any perfume on different people feels differently. And this applies not only to the disclosure of aroma and notes, but also stability. If a friend says that a particular fragrance seems incredibly stable, it is impossible to guarantee that the perfume will work on your skin in the same way.

Therefore, when buying a new scent, follow the golden rule – first feel it on the skin, and then return to the store to buy.

Ask others

You can’t find out the stability of the aroma on your own: our nose gets used to smells very quickly, and it is impossible to feel perfume all day long. Don’t feel your scent anymore – it doesn’t mean that others don’t feel it.

If you are testing a new fragrance in a store, then ask, for example, a friend to evaluate its stability in 3-4 hours.

If you like the material, tell your friends about it. Thank you!

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