There are many different types of cheese in stores, but not really many of them.

⠀🧀In the post, we give some tips so that you can find exactly the cheese that you like. And let’s tell you what a cheese product is because this inscription is very often on cheese labels.

Let’s start with what are the cheeses in terms of fat content.

• Low fat – less than 20%.
• Light – from 20 to 30%
• Normal – from 40 to 50%
• Double fat content – from 60 to 75%
• Triple fat – more than 75%.

And now a few criteria to pay attention to before buying.


Real-quality cheese cannot be cheap. For example, to prepare 1 kg of cheese you need from 10 to 20 liters of milk, so do not expect that a good product can be bought at a low price.


If the cheese is uneven in color with spots – then it is not ripe. This criterion does not apply to cheeses with blue mold.


The cheese smells like milk, the aged varieties have a specific aroma. If there is no smell at all – most likely, in front of you counterfeit or cheese is not yet ripe.


The cheese should have a pleasant taste. Keep in mind that all types of cheese are different, and the same Camembert in a different form may look like cheese to someone.


If the composition includes milk fat substitutes or milk protein substitutes, various vegetable fats, including palm oil, then this cheese should not be bought. Here is a cheese product made by cheese technology.

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