1. Dream of a million.
Big tasks will allow you to find great thoughts

2. Train your brain.
Asking questions is the best training for the brain. Why? Why? HOW? Who? When? The more such questions you ask yourself, the clearer the picture will become, the easier it will be to grab the idea by the tail.

3. Brainstorming.
Just an ingenious invention. Agree that the number of answers to the question of how to create an idea will be completely different if you ask one or ten people. Discuss, share thoughts with others and get feedback.

4. Listen.
Notice everything you hear, catch the ideas of others. Sometimes a conversation that has nothing to do with your area can lead to a brilliant idea. Remember the movie “Social Network”, how Zuckerberg came up with Facebook?

5. Be patient.
If ideas do not appear for a long time, relax and wait for your “Newton’s apple”

6. Learn.
Ideas rarely come to a person who knows nothing in this area. Read blogs, books, watch movies – analyze, take notes and think.

7. Switch.
You can’t always think about the same thing, sooner or later you get bored of it. Play sports, walk, play with children, and ideas will come unnoticed.

8. Communication.
The more different people in your circle, the better. Everyone has their own set of skills, views, and ideas. Communicating with people from different fields will allow you to learn a lot, and suddenly get a clue to solve their problems.

9. Preparation is the key to success.
Prepare well before waiting for ideas. Analyze and find out what knowledge you lack, go and get this knowledge.

10. Write it down.
The money price will be a thought that came to mind and you forgot it. Carry a notebook, use a dictaphone, scratched on the wall, but keep it for yourself at all costs.

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