How to dress a newborn in the summer heat

How to dress a newborn in the summer heat

When the thermometer starts to rise rapidly, one of the biggest risks for children is overheating. And very often there are parents who even in the heat dress their kids in hats, blouses, and socks to protect against colds, drafts, and more.

How to dress a baby in the heat?

Doctors emphasize that overheating is much more dangerous for babies than hypothermia. The rule that a child should wear one layer of clothing more than himself does not work when it is hot outside. If you are hot in a T-shirt – do not put extra clothes on the child.

1. First of all, you need to understand that it is much easier to protect your baby from the cold than from the heat – in the cold, multi-layered clothing will keep you warm, and in the heat, you can even undress naked, but it will still be hot. As it is easier to create normal conditions for the child indoors, try to refrain from walks if on a thermometer over 30 degrees.

2. Modern pediatricians, including Dr. Komarovsky, believe – you do not need to put on the baby in the heat no hats, caps, and scarves, including – after bathing. The only purpose of hats in the summer – to protect the child’s head from direct sunlight – but no one will take the baby up to a year in the open sun.

3. For a small child in the summer suitable bodysuits, T-shirts, shorts made of natural fabrics, preferably light, ideally – white.

4. If the baby is not yet walking, do not put shoes and socks on his feet – on the feet, as well as on the palms, there are many blood vessels involved in thermoregulation – bare feet are blown by the wind and help to reduce the temperature slightly.

5. The task of clothing in the heat – not to interfere with the flow of air, but it is very important to protect delicate skin from direct sunlight. If you really want to protect your baby from insects or the sun – cover him with a thin diaper.

How to dress a newborn in the summer heat
How to know that the child is hot?

The smaller the child, the more intense the metabolism in his body, and therefore produced several times more heat than an adult. This says only one thing – when the temperature is comfortable for mom and dad – the baby is hot, if hot parents – the child risks overheating.

This important rule should be taken into account in the heat and cold, at home and on the street, because overheating the baby is fraught with skin problems – you can earn pityriasis, nausea, which will have to deal with for a long time. But in addition, there is a risk for the baby to get heatstroke and dehydration, and, paradoxically – a cold.

The main signs of overheating of the baby:

• the child is restless, constantly cries, does not calm down after eating;
• the skin is moist, there is redness (bumps) in the groin area, in the armpits, on the back, nape;
• “Diaper syndrome” – under a disposable diaper, the baby’s skin is redder than in other parts of the body;
• body temperature rises by several tenths of a degree;
• the skin in the supraclavicular fossa (neck under the chin) is hot and moist

If you notice signs of overheating, it is necessary to take urgent measures – to give the baby a drink (offer water, even if he is breastfeeding), moisturize his palms, feet, remove the diaper. Go to a cool place and give your baby access to fresh air.

To avoid overheating, it is better to hide from the heat and walk with the newborn in the morning and evening – until 10 am and after 7 pm.

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