How to eat more and lose weight at the same time

The reason why diets do not work lies in pain. Diet is equal to hunger, and hunger is pain. How could someone succeed in dieting when the result is pain.

Fortunately, there is another way. A friend of mine who lost 40 pounds shared a secret. The trick is to eat more.
The problem with dieting is a limitation. Eat less fat. Remove carbohydrates from your diet. Calorie limit. Eat only cabbage soup. Odiousness. Do these diets work? Maybe sometimes, but at what price? When we limit our diet, our metabolism adjusts to starvation. The body believes that it is starving, and tries to better retain fat. This is why people gain even more weight when they complete a diet. They effectively trained themselves to retain more fat.

Instead of limiting yourself and gaining more weight, you can lose weight and still eat what you like. Here’s how it works:

•Fill your body with 70 percent water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables.
It is too difficult to control your diet during the day, so look at each meal separately. Three-quarters of your entire diet should be vegetables. Eat delicious, sweet fruits instead of sugar-processed foods. Add more spinach to the omelet for breakfast. We are almost entirely made of water, so give yourself the opportunity to eat as many vegetables and fruits rich in water as you want.
•Eating lots of vegetables and fruits until you become a cow is not always the main method. You also need to eat more fiber and whole grains such as bulgur, rice, buckwheat. Many well-known companies make pasta, bread, and other products from whole grains, not processed flour. Often such products are more expensive, but it’s worth it.
•Third, eat more beans, legumes, and nuts. They make great snacks, chili, and fried foods. Like grains high in fiber, you will have a pleasant and complete diet of nuts and legumes. Don’t be afraid to add soy products. Almost everything can be made from soy, and soy products are tastier than ever.
•Fourth, drink more water with lemon, lime, or juice. Most people consume a huge amount of their daily calories through the fluid. Drinking water, sugar-free drinks, such as unsweetened iced tea, will cleanse your body and help digestion.
•Finally, don’t forget to eat foods you like, meat, dairy products or sweets. But take them as delicacies that are eaten only after filling the body with healthy food. When eating meat or something like that, just make sure your plate is filled with green leafy vegetables and a portion of whole grains high in fiber.

If you add the above foods to your diet, you will naturally have less space for the garbage we usually eat. Such a lifestyle change combined with movement, such as swimming or playing with children, will have a positive effect on your weight, energy, and quality of life.

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