How to eat properly when it’s hot, and not to gain extra pounds

How to eat properly when it's hot, and not to gain extra pounds

Summer is the most long-awaited time of the year. But the heat, which breaks all records, makes you hurry to the apartment with air conditioning and postpone plans for active recreation for a long “later”.

Want to alleviate your condition when the thermometer column does not think to fall below 30-35 degrees? First, change your diet so as not to overload the body during this stressful period.

To maintain vital functions it is very important to eat properly, providing the body with the necessary substances. In summer, when the thermometer rises, you need to review your diet so as not to torment the digestive system. If you eat too heavy food, then against the background of such weather you will instantly notice a decline in strength.

In addition, it is also very difficult to avoid pressure fluctuations, dehydration, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, hypoxia, and other unpleasant manifestations when it is simply unbearable to be on the street! In the heat, our body tries to cool itself and begins to produce sweat, evaporating it from the surface of the skin. At this point, not only fluid is lost, but also useful salts, trace elements, and other important components for life. In the absence of high temperatures, I really want to drink – and this is a normal protective behavior of our body. We are 60% water, and it is not fresh, but saltwater. Sodium and potassium are important chemical elements in this “salinity”.

To check if you drink enough water, you need to look – yes, do not be surprised – at the concentration of your urine. If it is dark yellow and you rarely visit the toilet during the day, then you should drink more fluids.

What to add to your diet in the heat

First of all, you need to reduce the caloric content of your daily diet. Fatty and heavy dishes seasoned with mayonnaise are not suitable for hot days. But you shouldn’t completely give up eating fats either! They play an important role in the work of internal organs.

Let’s see what foods and ingredients should contain a balanced summer diet.


You do not need to intentionally oversalt food, but you can not completely eliminate sodium salt. 3-5 g per day is enough for the body.


Potassium is rich in beans and peas (approximately 1.3 g per 100 mg), nuts (600 mg per 100 g), bananas, and papaya (300 mg per 100 g). Peeled potatoes contain 573 mg of potassium per 100 g. The norm of potassium per day is about 4-5 g.

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of water. They have vitamins, trace elements, and useful salts, which we very actively lose with sweat in the heat. These products can be consumed in large quantities without fear for the health of various body systems and for exceeding the level of carbohydrates.

Spicy spices

Horseradish, mustard, and pepper are often used as natural preservatives because they are able to stop the growth of bacteria in foods. This is very relevant in the summer. But it should be remembered that spicy spices in the presence of many diagnoses are contraindicated.

Cold soups

Summer soups, such as okroshka, borsch, gazpacho, refrigerator, and Botvinnik, are both water and food in one dish. In addition, they contain many vegetables and proteins, so they are recommended for consumption in the summer heat.

Light protein

It is the building material for our cells. It contains many amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements. It is necessary for our body to replenish their deficiency. A lot of protein is found in fish, poultry, and seafood.

Hot green tea

This healthy drink is able to stabilize the water-salt balance in the body, it quenches thirst in extreme heat.

What to exclude from your diet in the heat

Cold drinks, ice cream

These foods give you coolness, but only when you eat them. Immediately after that, you will be even hotter. In addition, due to the sharp contrast of temperatures (product and environment) may appear headaches, nausea, and weakness. In the heat, it is recommended to drink drinks at room temperature or slightly colder.

Sweets, pastries, flour products

This set does not give anything useful, but only contributes to dehydration. It is necessary to reconsider a diet in the hot period and to refuse pastries or at least to reduce its use.

Products with a diuretic effect

Watermelon, celery, asparagus, cherries, cherries, apricots, and others. It is not necessary to admire them strongly in heat. Or drink even more water to balance the body’s losses.

Lots of meat

Pork, lamb, beef are digested by the body for a long time. Prefer light protein (we have already talked about it). It is definitely not to be feared!

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