How to find the job of your dreams?

How to find the job of your dreams?

Work is an activity that turns dreams into reality.

The process itself helps to embody them – doing your favorite thing, and its result – a monetary reward.

To spend the dream job, people spend an average of 6 months. Six months are spent looking for vacancies, writing resumes, and meetings with staff. But some manage to take the desired position in a matter of days. What are the tricks of finding a job for these lucky people?

Know what you want.

Ask a person with chronic unemployment what kind of job she is looking for. “Any?” There is no such position! Searches without a specific purpose lead to nowhere. Even if “hooked” on a random offer, such an employee leaves it after the first advance. On the spot, it turns out that the lesson is not to your liking, and the reward is disproportionate to the dreams. Having changed 5-6 different positions, our loser continues to complain that there is no work.

Ask yourself what you expect – and dream vacancies are clearly looming against the background of thousands of others, “any”. To do this, consider 5 questions:

• place of work (near housing, in the city, outside the city)

• type of employment (free schedule, five-day, hour, shift)

• type of employment – the same favorite thing that pleases even in the last 29 days before the salary

• salary (determine the minimum amount)

• opportunity for growth (career ladder is not present everywhere)

Write down your own answers so you don’t forget – there may be several options. For example, a vacancy for an artist with an hourly rate and the possibility of going to a country object or a position of a drawing teacher near the house. Familiar professions can now have new names. Find out if a decorator, decorator, aqua make-up artist, or creative animator can also be suitable.

Know what you can do.

Diploma of education – the pride of the parents of a potential employee and confirmation of his efforts. For a recruitment specialist, this is an insufficient argument. Employers are interested in personal qualities that allow them to identify acquired skills in practice. Honestly evaluate your temper. High self-discipline opens the door to freelancing, unwillingness to make risky decisions – to work according to a well-established scheme. If a certified artist has eloquence, the work of a dream can await him in creative courses.

If a painter’s diploma is in the hands of an unbelievable genius, the document on the education of students will not convince. Character traits that are important in choosing a job can be clarified with the help of psychological tests. It is also useful to test yourself on one-day (hourly, one-time) orders. Even minimal experience will enrich the resume with the lines “I can work with children” or “I can work alone, without assistants and supervisors.”

Search where there are the most vacancies.

Internet sites are the most popular meeting place for an employer and future employees. Viewing offers on the smartphone screen is convenient, easy, and relatively fast. Relatively – because 6 months without work do not pass and confident Internet users. There are those among them who have not yet fully understood what they want and those who are still not sure what they really can do. If the candidate knows everything and is able, and there is no work – then it’s time to go to the site aggregator.

This is a special site that combines vacancies from thousands (!) Of other sites. The list of offers here is cleared of repetitions and irrelevant announcements and offers access to the database of vacancies in Ukraine and 70 other countries. You can find the right one in two ways: through the standard “filter” (city, position, salary …) and “advanced search”. Detailing the filter reduces the number of results, but increases the chance of getting what you need. It is enough to specify your requirements in the “Newsletter” service to receive new vacancies as soon as they appear anywhere on the Internet.

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