How to get rid of strabismus

How to get rid of strabismus

But if this pathology is treated at any age and for a very long time, then doctors try to help children with strabismus. Not only for kids to see better, but also for their psychological comfort.

By the way, “wrong” looking eyes “mow” can be different. There is a friendly and paralytic form of the disease. The first option is the most common. Different shapes are very easy. “Looking apart” eyes with friendly strabismus move together – to the right, to the left. With a paralytic form of the disease, a child with one eye can easily lead in different directions. The other eye is diverted only in one direction. The “blocked” nerve does not allow to fully control the muscles and the diseased eye, so its movements are limited. The blame for this often lies with high intracranial pressure.

At strabismus, practically all functions of the visual system are broken. Including the parts of the brain responsible for vision. Normally, we look with two eyes and see a single three-dimensional image. We are able to estimate the location of the object in relation to its “neighbors” and our body. The human visual system is arranged so that individual images from each eye through nerve fibers are transmitted to the brain. There they “merge”. This is the binocular optical system or vision with two eyes. With strabismus, this can only be dreamed of. Disorder of normal stereoscopic visual perception dooms the patient to see others as on a plane. The world for him ceases to be voluminous.

Further. The mowing of the eyes begins to see worse because it practically does not work. And the sight falls so much that the person with this eye in 2-3 years can consider only fingers of the hand raised to the face.

Causes of strabismus:

hereditary predisposition, when the disease occurs in close relatives (parents, uncle, aunt …);
the presence of a defocus. It should be borne in mind that farsightedness is combined with convergent strabismus, and myopia – with divergent;
astigmatism. It occurs in 85-90% of cases of violation of the optical system and “intertwines” with strabismus;
various intoxications (fetal poisoning during pregnancy affects the eyes of the child);
strokes, craniocerebral injuries in older age;
severe infectious diseases and fever;
neurological pathologies (hydrocephalus and others).

Both congenital and acquired strabismus can and should be treated. And you should start earlier. Until amblyopia has developed – a complication caused by atrophy of the communication channels with the squinting eye. In the early stages of decreased visual acuity can still be stopped.

Today in each profile regional medical institution strabismus is treated from birth, using both surgical and therapeutic techniques. For each patient, depending on the type and neglect of the disease, an individual set of treatment measures is selected.

First of all, the baby has selected glasses for several sessions. They must fully arrange it so that they do not lie in a box, but “sit” on the nose. Dense fabric closes the “review” for the non-mowing eye. Then the doctor prescribes orthophoto-plenoptic treatment to the patient. By this, we mean “classes” specially designed for such children computer programs.

If the “angle” of strabismus is above the maximum allowable, surgery is used to restore the balance between the muscles that give movement to the eyeballs. Refusal of surgery may result in the retina developing abnormally.

After the help of surgeons, the child is working with the computer again. After a while, his eyes “look straight.” However, usually, the image in them doubles. Out of habit. To “remove” the twinning, the patient undergoes so-called diplomatic therapy, again, not without the participation of computer programs. Having thus restored the “bridges” between the eyes, doctors can state the victory over strabismus. Friendly form.

The fight against the paralytic form of the disease is more complicated. The nerve is involved. For treatment, almost the same techniques are used, as at friendly strabismus, except for operation. They allow you to achieve positive results, but to completely correct strabismus, unfortunately, is not possible.

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