How to grow hair fast: expert advice

How to grow hair fast: expert advice

Hair is an important part of any woman’s image, so it is important that they look well-groomed.

Long hair is considered to be the most feminine and beautiful. However, it can be difficult to grow back. Experts have named 5 important rules that will help to cope with the task.

What secrets should be noted:

1. Hair quality.
If your hair looks dry and limp, then the length of the beauty will not add. On the contrary, the image will become less well-groomed and attractive.
Therefore, hair needs to be cared for on a regular basis.

2. Ketamine.
This tool costs a penny, but its results can impress anyone. Masks with the addition of castor oil help to improve the structure of the hair and fill the hair with moisture. Apply the oil to the scalp for literally 15 minutes before using the shampoo.

3. Fish and olive oil.
These foods should be in your regular diet if you want to grow long hair. You can also add flax seeds, cheese, dietary meats, spinach, seeds, and nuts. It will be difficult to achieve results without dietary changes.

4. Mustard and pepper.
These spices are able to “wake up” the hair follicles, which accelerates hair growth. However, it should be understood that such masks are not suitable for girls with sensitive scalp.

5. Hairstyles.
Few people know that tight tails and beautiful bundles are often the cause of brittle hair. Therefore it is not necessary to wear them often. Drying by the hairdryer and use of ironing also negatively influence the condition of hair.

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