How to help children overcome fears

How to help children overcome fears

Sometimes children’s fears cannot be solved without the help of specialists. But solving the problem requires working with parents.

Even when it turns out that the child’s fears are related to a mental disorder, and you need to take antidepressants or something else, you need to help her.

Here’s what you can do:

Convince the child of your support

“I will be there to help/support/protect if needed.” So banal and simple that it sounds frivolous, but researchers believe that this may be the most effective approach to addressing most fears in children and adolescents.

Teach a child to distinguish fiction from reality

Researchers claim that children with fears (especially at night) are more confused about fantasy and reality than children without fears.

Learn not to be afraid by example

If family members do not share the child’s fears and show confident, fearless behavior about what the child is afraid of, the fears are not fixed.

Read aloud to children

But not for nothing, but children’s books, in which the characters have fears, do something and eventually get rid of them. There is a pilot study in which 8 out of 9 children received a clinically significant improvement in 4 weeks.

Master and apply psychotherapeutic techniques

For example, positive modeling, stimulus oversaturation, the method of paradox.

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