How to instill in a child a love of mathematics

How to instill in a child a love of mathematics

The love of mathematics, as well as the love of reading, must be instilled from childhood.

The inclination to exact sciences can be developed, involving the child in the decision of mathematical problems on logic and the account. “Children in the city” learned what games and game techniques should be used to make children love math.

Why children do not like math

Mathematics is an exact science, but even it can be taught in a fun way. Most often, the love of mathematics kills the formal approach to learning. Children do not like to strictly follow the rules, so math lessons cause them boredom and longing. Love of the subject kills the compulsion to learn. If a child is forced to follow examples, memorize, and constantly repeat the rules, the desire to learn quickly disappears. The uniformity of tasks that have nothing to do with real-life also does not add to the attractiveness of the subject.

How to instill in a child a love of mathematics
Why do you need math?

Mathematics is an incredibly useful discipline that has a positive effect on brain function. It trains abstract thinking, has a beneficial effect on memory, hardens the character, and is generally a very promising science. At the moment, a huge layer of professions of the future is associated with mathematical knowledge.

Mathematical abilities allow achieving success in many areas that are considered humanitarian. This includes learning foreign languages, and creative classes, as well as literary work. Mathematics is also needed in ordinary everyday moments, such as budgeting, payment for utilities, etc.

How to fall in love with a child in the subject

The best learning option for children is a game form. The game allows you to fully involve the child in the process, as well as stimulates active interest.

How to instill in a child a love of mathematics
Games to offer your child:

• constructors (playing with constructors arouses interest in the simplest mathematics, developing logical and abstract thinking),
• origami (assembling paper figures develops children’s mathematical abilities and love of geometry),
• board games (chess, checkers, monopoly, and even ordinary games where you need to throw dice and walk on the field, develop intelligence and analytical thinking),
• musical instruments (music lessons develop the same skills that are needed to work with calculations),
• online games (choose games and programs that are dedicated to teaching mathematics),
• mathematics in everyday life (involve the child in the calculations in everyday life: ask her to tip in a cafe, calculate the time on the way home, calculate how much food you need to buy a cat for three days),
• thematic films (with older children you can watch films made about outstanding scientists and mathematical geniuses).

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