How to promote a law firm,legal marketing

How to promote a law firm,legal marketing

In this article, we will consider the practical aspects of attracting clients to a law firm and answer what you are interested in: “How to promote a law firm?”.


The main problem of practicing lawyers and attorneys is that law schools do not teach marketing, and the materials are sometimes far from the practical tasks of law firms.

Let’s understand in detail how to promote a law firm and what is necessary for the successful involvement of clients in legal practice:

• marketing system

As it is recommended to store eggs in different baskets, so customers need to be attracted from different sources. The main tools of legal marketing today – are the organization of events, the Internet, building a brand.

• sales system

It is not enough to attract clients, you need to clearly understand how to sell them legal services. Sales are responsible for this. You need to understand everything from what to say to what commercial offer to send.

• team

You are well aware that implementing all the tools to attract customers requires a lot of effort and energy. This work can only be done together as a team. Very often our colleagues ask us if we can read something on the topic of attracting clients to a law firm. Specialists of the Legal Marketing Laboratory have done a lot of work and have already published 4 books. dedicated to legal marketing. You can find them in the largest Ukrainian online stores.

It is important for the managing partner to understand the basics of legal marketing.

It is important for the managing partner to understand the basics of legal marketing.

In order to build a marketing system in a start-up law firm, its creators will have to work hard enough.


First, as a rule, the budget of a legal start-up is not large enough to immediately afford a professional legal marketer. Second, it is important for you, as a managing partner, to understand the basics of legal marketing in order to control your performers in the future. The marketing system of a law firm is a rather complex mechanism, which consists of many tools, each of which works and brings profit to the legal business.



Good enough tool to get to know you. It is better to hold closed chamber events, with a small number of people present, but to establish personal contact with each.

Importantly! Carefully choose a topic for the event, it should be very exciting for your potential audience. Today, the Internet is a leader in attracting clients for lawyers and attorneys. The most important tool in internet marketing for lawyers and attorneys in your legal site.

For the first couple, I recommend not to invest a lot of money in a designer expensive site with an incomprehensible conversion, which will manifest itself in at least 1 – 1.5 years. The best solution for a legal startup would be a template site. with verified conversion. After, when you gain momentum and stand firmly on your feet, you will need to “bring beauty” and order a design site. But this will not be your last money.


No less important point for beginning legal practice, provided that you are determined to seriously develop your legal business, is to lay the foundation for the brand.

Now I’m talking about the logo because if you start detailed work on building a brand you will be recognized and identified, for this you need a hallmark of your practice – the logo. It is not necessary to create a logo of legal practice on your own, as the practice of our client’s shows, it sometimes causes even a negative reaction from your potential clients.

As soon as you start marketing and sales, as well as legal practice, you quickly realize that you lack colleagues – professionals who will help conduct legal work, namely to manage clients. This will raise the acute issue of recruitment, which is of interest to every head of a law firm, and not only legal.


In this article, we have considered 3 main criteria that will help you promote a young law firm from scratch.

It is important to understand the involvement of clients in the legal business today is a technology that (with due diligence) can be used by anyone. Legal technology is currently studying this promotion technology. It is not so difficult to understand how to promote a law firm, the main thing is to approach it systematically. We recommend that you start by reading books, this will allow you to practice and implement the tools of legal marketing in your practice.

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